Monitoring: Keeping track of foundation construction over the Internet

25 March 2008

Whatever foundations solution is chosen, a common theme is the need to check the strength of the support provided, resulting in a fast-moving market for monitoring devices and services.

Instantel, supplier of vibration monitors for the mining, construction and geotechnical markets, has just launched its latest vibration monitoring solution. InstaLink offers web based vibration monitoring and automates the process of transferring vibration data directly from an Instantel vibration monitor to a secure, password-protected web site.

The company's existing Instantel Auto Call Home already allows Instantel monitors to send vibration data to a PC immediately after it is recorded. The new InstaLink reporting system, however, takes this process one step further-automatically forwarding the data to the secure InstaLink database. Once there, authorised users-inspectors, project engineers, contractors, etc.-can log in and view vibration data from their project through the user's own customised InstaLink website page.

“Now more than ever, users are being pressured by their clients to report vibration data more quickly. It is even becoming a determining factor when awarding monitoring contracts,” explained Ron Mask, Instantel sales manager. “The ability to meet a project's reporting timeline can be problematic and costly using traditional attended monitoring methods. InstaLinkis a natural solution to these requirements, providing Instantel users with access to their vibration data, anywhere, anytime-within minutes of it being recorded-and at a lower overall cost than with previous methods.”

Meanwhile, the latest version of CAPWAP software from Pile Dynamics allows for enhanced analysis of the data obtained during dynamic load tests of deep foundations to determine foundation bearing capacity, resistance distribution and other relevant information as well as simulating a static load test, and the company has now made the software an integral part of all PDA (Pile Driving Analyzer) systems.

New features have been incorporated specifically for the needs of dynamic load tests on drilled shafts and CFA as well as the addition of new options for the analysis of pipe piles. The latest version also actively engages users in the analysis to help them reach correct results in a short time.

The company has also announced the introduction of a new model of PDA, the PAX. The PAX is suffi ciently small to be portable, is battery operated, and weighs only 5kg. Its display doubles up as its controlpanel and keyboard, and has a remote data transmission capability with the incorporation of broadband internet technology.

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