Moog Reorganises

20 March 2008

Rita Moog, Mr Moog's widow, became general manager of the company, and Markus Rief, who has 26 years with MOOG, now leads product development and manufacturing activities. Daughter Christine Moog is in charge of technical sales and application engineering.

Christine Moog told Access International that l product development by the Deggenhausertal– based company “…will most probably go in the direction of crossing of sound barriers of even more than [the] 5.5 m [height].” provided by its latest model, the MBI 180, launched in August 2006.

MOOG meanwhile reports the delivery of a MBI 1400 platform unit (pictured above) and a MBL1200 bucket unit in September 2006 to Xiangfan Golden Eagle Vehicles &Machinery, one of the three–biggest railcar producers in China, for railcar mounting.

The equipment was then delivered to the end user, Chinese Railway in Qinghai Province, in December for service on the new railway line into Tibet and where they are exposed to temperatures of –25 °C.

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