MOOG unit starts work on Indian bridge

By Murray Pollok05 November 2010

The MOOG underbridge inspection platform on the Naini Bridge in India. The unit has to span a 5.3 m

The MOOG underbridge inspection platform on the Naini Bridge in India. The unit has to span a 5.3 m wide sidewalk beside the road.

A MOOG MBL 1600 underbridge inspection unit has been commissioned for maintenance work on the Naini Bridge in Uttar Prudesh, India.

The 370 m long Naini Bridge is the biggest cable-stayed bridge in India and carries the National Highway 27 over the Yamuna Rover, connecting Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh with Mangawan in Madhya Pradesh.

The bridge was opened in 2005 and as part of its maintenance contract the MOOG machine was purchased to give access for inspection and maintenance works.

The MBL 1600 was modified to span over the 5.3 m wide sidewalk, which MOOG said is the widest sidewalk ever bridged by a mobile under-bridge unit. This machine has a horizontal reach under the bridge of 16 m, a working height of 21.8 m and a lowering depth of 197 m.

MOOG said the main challenge "was being able to erect the machine within the tightly distanced cables under the angle of 24°. The erection process had to be simulated before the customer would make the decision to purchase the machine."

The machine, which is mounted on a 4-axle Volvo chassis including right side drive - has two rotation points, one on the base tower and the other one between the main and vertical boom. Telescopic stages on the main boom, vertical boom and bucket boom provide flexibility for the operators.

In addition, the MB 1600 uses a PLC control system with a diagnostic display in the truck's cabin as well as a 4-joystick operator panel in the basket. The machine can either be run via the truck's power take-off or using the on-board diesel generator which also provides the power for the power outlets located in the basket.

A working platform that can be mounted onto the bucket boom and a traffic control trailer completed the order.

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