Motorway loan for Slovenia

15 April 2008

The EIB (European Investment Bank) has extended a loan for € 300 million to Slovenia to fund construction of five key sections of motorway with a total length of 50 km.

According to the EIB, the loan will help Slovenia to complete its motorway network, which includes parts of Corridor V and X of the Trans-European Transport Network (TENs). The bank also said in its statement that the extended motorway network will help Slovenia to become better integrated into the EU, as well as improving road safety and capacity.

The five new sections of motorway which will be co-financed by the loan include; Sentvid to Koseze (5,5 km); Vrba to Peracica (9,8 km); Ponivke to Hrastje (7,2 km); Pluska to Ponivke (7,6 km); and Slivnica to Drazenci (20 km).

This new loan, which has been granted to state-owned company Druzba za avtoceste v Republiki Sloveniji (DARS), follows from nine others, with a total value of € 943 million, lent by the EIB for road construction in Slovenia.

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