Multitel lift the 3.5 ton platform sector

By Maria Hadlow05 September 2011

Multitel Pagliero will launch the MX250 truck mounted platform at APEX. It is described as providing

Multitel Pagliero will launch the MX250 truck mounted platform at APEX. It is described as providing an impressive working envelope for a platform mounted on a 3.5t chassis.

Italian manufacturer, Multitel, will launch three new truck mounted platforms at APEX.

The family run company, which this year is celebrating 100 years in business has already launched three new platforms in 2011. The three new products are new tracked platform, a new large platform and a "class breaking" 25m model mounted on a 3.5 ton chassis cab.

Although keeping us in suspense about the first two of these machines, the latter known as the Multitel MX250 is according to Melvyn Else, managing director of Access Industries, Multitel's UK distributor, "the best small [mounted on 3.5t chassis] platform they have introduced since I started working with Multitel in 1988."

The Multitel MX250 offers a 25m working height and a 12.2m outreach. It has three outrigger options: all in line (with the chassis), a full envelope from an in line front outrigger pattern with H-frame rear outriggers and a single sided rear H-frame jacking option. With the rear outriggers extended on only one side the outrigger spread is 2.8m and the full 12.2m outreach can be achieved.

"What is even more impressive," said Mr Else is that "the unit has 11m of outreach or more from a working height of 2m up to close to 20m. These levels of outreach may be possible from a straight telescopic boom platform mounted on a small chassis cab but no one has ever achieved such performance from an up and over or articulated platform mounted on a 3.5t chassis cab."

The Multitel MX290EX that was launched in June and the HX195 that was launched in May will both be on show at APEX.

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