Nacanco becomes Teupen dealer in Italy

By Maria Hadlow03 May 2011

A Teupen Leo13GT in the Nacanco fleet.

A Teupen Leo13GT in the Nacanco fleet.

Italian sales and rental company Nacanco has become the exclusive dealer for Teupen in Italy. Nacanco's rental fleet includes a number of Teupen machines and now the company will also be selling the 11 models of tracked platforms "spiders."

The range of Teupen spiders will be available, in 13 Nacanco branches and sales will be supported by 30 vendors in Central and Northern Italy. Nacanco has also already developed a full programme of marketing and promotion to raise market awareness of the features of the Teupen brand.

The Tuepen range extends between 13 and 50 m working height and is suitable for use on uneven ground. Another notable feature is their compact size that allows easy movement of the machines and their passage through narrow space while maintaining their working envelope

Nacanco says, "Because of its specific characteristics, the spiders by Teupen can be used in a variety of activities, such as in areas of our peninsula that are characterised by uneven and rough territories and in all civil works, maintenance and renovation industry. The spiders are also particularly effective in green maintenance, for applications in all "delicate" areas like cinemas, theatres and shopping centres, where access of other types of machines would be difficult or even impossible."

Both the sale and rental of the Teupen range will be supported by a comprehensive programme of technical training for operators.

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