Nacanco opts for Teupen as it enters atrium lift market

By Murray Pollok02 December 2010

Teupen's Leo 13GT platform.

Teupen's Leo 13GT platform.

Italian access rental company Nacanco has ordered 12 Teupen ‘atrium lift' platforms for its fleet as a way of diversifying beyond the construction market.

Under the cooperation agreement signed between the two companies, Nacanco has placed an initial order for 12 of the Leo 13GT models, a 12.78 m working height model.

Nacanco said it had evaluated machines from five of the largest atrium lift manufacturers and chosen Teupen on the basis of technical and value for money considerations.

Ms Marzia Gius¬to, Nacanco's chief executive officer, said; "With this new model Nacanco will enter into the groundcare sector, but it will also further [reinforce] our presence in the maintenance/refurbishment sector, especially in city centre construction sites where space is limited and light, versatile machines are required, and in the plant engineering sector."

The company said it had also being receiving requests for this type of machine from its customers. Ms Giusto said; "The market exists, and after the first deliveries, we'll be able to test in the field if these machines will meet the demands of our customers, as we believe they will.

Tobias Körner, Teupen sales manager, said he was proud that the company had won business with a major rental company in Italy, a country which has many manufacturers of these types of machines; "After starting with the Leo 13 GT model, we hope to provide Nacanco with higher platforms, so that we can help Nacanco to become increasingly specialist in the access field in Italy".

The cooperation agreement will see Teupen providing training for Nacanco staff. Its engineers and training staff are spending time in Germany to learn about the machines.

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