Nationwide Platforms adds 220 Nanos to its fleet

26 June 2012

The NanoSP+ provides a 1.5m outreach and is ideal for working at height in retail, office and indust

The NanoSP+ provides a 1.5m outreach and is ideal for working at height in retail, office and industrial settings.

UK powered access rental company Nationwide Platforms is adding more than 220 low level access units to its fleet.

Through 2012, the business will be adding PowerTower NanoSP and NanoSP+ machines to its low level access fleet, which the company said will number more than 1250.

The NanoSP provides access to working heights of 4.5m from a compact footprint of just 0.75m by 1.2m. This means the platform can overcome typical barriers, such as doorways and lift shafts, which would otherwise prevent the use of powered access indoors.

Like the NanoSP, the NanoSP+ offers access to heights of 4.5metres from a narrow base, but also features a larger 1m cantilever deck, enabling a 1.5 metre outreach. This makes the machine suitable for working at height challenges, which require outreach from a small footprint, such as over shelving or machinery in retail, warehouse or industrial environments.

Nationwide Platforms' Executive Director - sales and marketing, Richard Miller, said, "Since the emergence of low level access platforms in around 2005 we have seen a significant and growing demand from our customer base. In particular we've seen this from clients in the retail and facilities management sectors who are looking for safe, efficient and cost-effective alternatives to more traditional means of access.

"By investing in these new units we'll be able to provide low level access from our depot network right across the country and meet the present and future needs of customers. Overall, the additions to our fleet will mean we can continue to ensure that, regardless of the challenges faced by our clients, we will continue to provide them with right machine at the right time, anywhere across the UK."

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