Navistar reveals NEXT Experience trailer for ZEV training

By Julian Buckley03 March 2022

Navistar NEXT Experience trailer Navistar NEXT Experience trailer Photo: Navistar

Navistar has unveiled its NEXT Experience trailer, a mobile education platform which will be used to share more information about the process and benefits of electric vehicle adoption.

The NEXT Experience trailer offers training for dealers and fleet customers about zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs), how the technology is evolving and how Navistar can play a part in making the ZEV transition successful.

“With Navistar’s commitment to a zero-emissions future, the NEXT Experience trailer creates a unique learning opportunity to interact with and educate stakeholders about the process of electric vehicle adoption,” said Jason Gies, vice president, eMobility Business Development.

“The trailer brings these learning opportunities on location around the US and Canada, allowing our dealers the opportunity to understand how they can prepare their dealership for success to support customers, and for customers to learn more about the assessment and adoption process of electric vehicles into their fleets.”

The trailer features six interactive zones with augmented reality, 3D-printed models, videos and interactive demonstrations about how Navistar supports assessment and adoption of ZEVs.

There are details about Navistar’s products and services, the ‘5 Cs’ of electrification, insight from company engineers developing ZEVs and details about the lifecycle of commercial vehicle batteries. The walkthrough ends with a session covering ZEV integration.

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