NES sets new company record for customer satisfaction

By Lindsey Anderson16 February 2011

NES Rentals Holdings, Inc. has set a new Net Promoter Score record for the aerial equipment rental industry with a 2010 annual score of 80.1. The Net Promoter Score metric allows NES Rentals to measure customer loyalty and integrate customer feedback into improvements for the company's customer service processes.

NPS measures customer loyalty by asking the customer how likely it is that they would recommend a company to a friend or colleague. Companies, like NES Rentals, that achieve a score above 80 are in the same NPS category as some of the most efficient growth companies in the country like Apple, Amazon and Federal Express.

Accorind to NES, the company achieved consistently high quarterly scores in the NPS process throughout 2010, including a quarterly high of 82.6 in the fourth quarter. This score represents the results of thousands of customer interviews and ratings throughout 2010. The company implemented the NPS program in 2007 and has received growing Net Promoter Scores each year since.

"Achieving high customer loyalty scores in the midst of tremendous economic pressure in our industry is a testament to our team and their dedication to our customers," stated Andrew P. Studdert, NES Rentals chairman and chief executive officer. "By making the customer experience our priority, it has led to a natural emphasis on customer safety and service, an emphasis that sets us apart from our competition and gives us the highest customer loyalty scores in our industry."

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