New 40 ton Talbert lightweight

20 December 2012

Talbert Manufacturing introduces its 40-Ton Lightweight Trailer

Talbert Manufacturing introduces its 40-Ton Lightweight Trailer

Talbert Manufacturing has introduced a 40 ton lightweight trailer for construction equipment.

The trailer, which is designed for the transport of excavators, small to mid-sized dozers and other construction equipment, weighs 18,000 pounds and can transport up to 80,000 pounds of equipment. Even when fully loaded the trailer remains under the 120,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) superload limit that applies in most US states.

Weight is reduced by using 16 inch beams, consisting of T-1 flanges and 80K webs, and aluminium wheels. The weight can be reduced further by fitting Walther EMC Dura-Light Hubs and CentriFuse brake drums.

The three-axle, 26 foot trailer has a four-beam deck design and auxiliary crossmembers for extra floor support. A 6 ft x 6 inch plated recessed portion in the rear of the trailer is to accommodate the bucket of an excavator. This lowers the overall height of the boom to ensure the load is a legal height.

The trailer has a new ratchet neck design to eliminate the need for changing adjustment blocks.

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