New 60 tonne truck crane from Marchetti

24 April 2009

Marchetti's new MTK60, a 60 tonne capacity truck crane.

Marchetti's new MTK60, a 60 tonne capacity truck crane.

Marchetti has launched a 60 tonne capacity truck crane upper that can be operated without the chassis.

The Italian manufacturer says the MTK 60 is designed for markets as far afield as Brazil and Australia where the customer will supply the chassis.

Maximum boom length is 40 m, with the option of an additional 14.5 m swingaway jib. Features include remote controlled outriggers and an independent engine for the crane superstructure. Marcello Maestri, Marchetti export manager, said the upper is completely independent from the chassis, which makes the crane cheaper to transport and more flexible for the customer.

In the future an aerial platform could be attached to the boom. The design has been requested by a Scandinavian organization for servicing power lines.

Maestri said Marchetti hoped to sell about eight units a year.

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