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21 February 2012

Volvo is adding two new 2.5 tonne tandem rollers, the 1 m drum DD25 and 1.2 m DD25W.

Volvo is adding two new 2.5 tonne tandem rollers, the 1 m drum DD25 and 1.2 m DD25W.

New wheeled loaders from Volvo will include the L50G, L70G and L90G, covering the 120 kW to 129 kW power classes, with operating weights ranging from 11 tonnes to 17.3 tonnes. The machines feature Stage IIIB-compliant engines for the European and US markets.

The loaders feature Volvo's TP linkage system, which offers powerful breakout forces as well as parallel lift geometry, which is essential when working with attachments like pallet forks. Volvo's hydraulic attachment bracket provides for quick tool changes.

Other new features which are common across the G-series range include an electrically operated sloping engine hood, which provides wide, easy access to the engine compartment for servicing and maintenance.

Improvements in performance in clued a +23% increase in lifting force and +19% increase in breakout force on the L90G, for example, thanks to the closer matching of engine, drivetrain and load-sensing hydraulic systems.

New additions to Volvo's D-series crawler excavator line-up at Intermat will include the ECR145D and ECR235D short radius machines, weighing in at 14.4 to 16.3 tonnes and 23.8 to 27 tonnes respectively. The Stage IIIB-compliant machines come with a one- or two-piece boom and features such as auto idling, which cuts engine revs after a specified period of inactivity.

A new hydraulic control valve speeds up simultaneous operations of several functions and has also helped increase lifting capacity, digging power and improve fine control. And despite their compact designs, the machines feature a large cab with a sliding door, which makes it easier to get in and out when parked next to obstacles.

In the wheeled excavator segment, Volvo will be launching four new models, the EW140D, EW160D, EW180D and EW210D from 14 to 21 tonnes. The machines offer travel speeds up to 35 km/h, and like other D-series machines, are fitted with new Stage IIIB compliant engines.

Other improvements include a high torque swing motor for faster cycle times, and there is now a colour monitor in the cab linked to a rear-view camera. A side-view camera is available as an option

Compact equipment

Volvo will use Intermat to introduce its range of skid steer loaders and compact tracked loaders to the European market. Wheeled machines on who will include the MC60C, MC70C, MC95C and MC115C, covering rated capacities from 610 kg to 1180 kg. The tracked machines being launched in Europe are the MCT85C, MCT125C and MCT145C, from 860 kg to 1460 kg capacity the MCT.

The machines feature a single loader arm design, thanks to Volvo's manufacturing partnership with JCB, the company that pioneered a the concept. Volvo says this aids safety and visibility, with operators using a side door to get in and out of the machines, rather than climbing over the bucket, as on traditionally designed skid steers.

In the compact loader segment, Volvo has added the L45G and L50G wheeled loaders, in the 9 to 10 tonne classes. The machines are fitted with 75 kW and 87 kW Stage IIIB engines as standard, and buckets from 1.3 m3 to 2.5 m3.

Volvo says fuel efficiency, reliability and noise levels have been improved with the new machines, while load-sensing hydraulics remove the need to over-rev the engine. This not only extends engine life, but also improves fuel economy. The machines are available with a choice of quick hitches and a wide selection of attachments.

Volvo has also added an on-board weighing (OBW) system to its articulated dump truck (ADT) range, which is available on the F-series Full Suspension models. This system won one of Intermat's innovation prizes, and Volvo says that when used with its Caretrack telematics system, it provides the truck's owner with a complete payload management system.

Volvo says the OBW system should help reduce overloading, thanks to a system of lights which are visible to the operator of the loading machine. In addition, it will allow owners to monitor the amount of material hauled on each cycle, which can be combined with fuel-consumption data from Caretrack.

Road building

New additions to Volvo's compaction equipment line include the 2.5 tonne DD25 and DD25W variant tandem rollers. The vibration frequency of the machines can be adjusted from 55 Hz to 67 Hz, depending on the application, using the throttle lever.

The DD25 is equipped with a 1 m wide drum, while the DD25W has a 1.2 m drum. Both are powered by a 24.8 kW three-cylinder diesel engine, and an interesting safety feature is that the machine will automatically shut down and apply the brakes if the operator gets off the seat.

In the paving segment Volvo has two new highway class machines in the shape of the 13 m maximum width P8820C ABG and 11 m P7820C ABG tracked machines. Fitted with Stage IIIB engines, the pavers offer increased fuel power over the models they replace, while cutting both noise and fuel consumption. Indeed, Volvo says the addition of a smart power mode means fuel savings can be as much as 30%.

The machines are available with fixed or extendable screeds, which can be changed in minutes thanks to the company's quick coupling system. Meanwhile hopper capacity on the P7820C ABG is 13.5 tonnes, while on the P8820C ABG it is 14 tonnes, providing maximum lay-down rates of 900 tonnes/hour and 1100 tonnes/hour respectively

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