New and updated cranes from Terex

By D.Ann Shiffler14 February 2011

Terex launches 100 ton capacity T100 truck crane for the US market at ConExpo 2011

Terex launches 100 ton capacity T100 truck crane for the US market at ConExpo 2011

Terex Cranes will exhibit seven cranes at the ConExpo show in Las Vegas, including several new US-manufactured cranes, American Cranes & Transport has learned.

"This is a great year for us at Terex," said Terex Cranes' Frank Bardonaro. "We have several exciting new products that will physically be at the show and several more of our larger and newest machines that will be available via virtual demonstrations and product booths."

Geared to the American market is the new T 100, a new truck crane product that uses the Terex AC 100/4 all terrain upper machinery and boom mounted on a purpose-built over-the-highway carrier. The crane has 57,700 pounds (26 metric tons) of removable counterweight, giving the crane great flexibility and mobility, according to Terex.

Interesting design elements include the new carrier and operator cabs. The carrier cab spans the full width of the truck. The upper machinery is powered by a 175 hp (130 kW) MTU engine and the carrier has a 450 hp (335 kW) MTU diesel engine.

The T 100 has a 164 foot (50 meter) pinning ovaloid boom and a 33 to 62 foot (10 to 19 m) lattice bi-fold jib with 20 and 40 degree offset. Maximum tip height is 226 feet (69 m). Both the main and auxiliary winches have two speeds and piston motors offering hi-speed and hi-power options to the operator. An optional 195 foot (59 m) boom is planned.

It has Terex's new X-style outriggers with ground level controls as standard. The carrier was designed to be roadable in all 50 US states and has four axles as standard. An optional fifth pusher axle is available to meet special requirements.

"This machine's capacity is unbelievable," said Tom Limbach. "It shadows all of its competitors with its easily configurable counterweight, large outrigger footprint and boom reach. It's a highly maneuverable crane with a considerable amount of road horsepower. It has high performance hydraulics and excellent serviceability as well."

Limbach said a typical application will be taxi crane or crane for hire services. It is suited for placing equipment, steel erection, equipment installation and maintenance and servicing asphalt production and equipment maintenance.

Eight sealed storage compartments are fitted, including a personal locker for the driver and operator.


Also at the Terex booth will be the new Crossover 6000, a hydraulic telescopic crane mounted on a commercially available truck carrier. This hybrid boom truck and truck crane model, with 60 ton (54 metric ton) capacity, uses the upper works from the Terex T560 truck crane.

"We mounted it on a commercial carrier by developing a unique structure between the crane and the carrier," said Limbach. "Our X-style outrigger gives the crane a considerably larger footprint than conventional H-style outriggers, but it's much lighter."

The crane is being shown on a Freightliner chassis and it can be fitted to other commercial truck chassis.

Limbach anticipates the market will be receptive because of its mobility and cost effectiveness. "It weighs less, offers great capacities and can be configured for all 50 states," he said.

The full power proportional four-section boom extends to 110 feet (34 m). The jib is a lattice style with a pull-out stinger and extends from 32 to 57 feet (9.8 to 17 m) offsettable 15 and 30 degrees. Maximum tip height with jib is 170 feet (52 m).From the crawler crane range at ConExpo Terex will show the 165-ton (150 metric ton) capacity HC 165. Contractors and crane rental companies are tareget customers. A 270-foot (82 m) main boom and 80-foot (24 m) jib gives a 320 foot (98 m) maximum boom and jib combination. Power is from a 319 hp Cummins diesel and the crane is fully self erecting.

Also new is the 28 ton (25 metric ton) BT 28106 boom truck. It has a 106 foot (32 m) boom and maximum system length of 162 feet (49.4 m). Mounted behind the cab it has dual operator control and 370° non-continuous rotation without the use of a front outrigger. An electronic load moment indicator with work area definition is fitted.

Terex will also display its AC350/6 all terrain crane. The company said it is the most powerful and compact 6-axle all terrain crane in the 400 ton (350 metric ton) capacity class. Featuring a state-of-the-art fall arrest system for safe access during work at height and patented luffing jib rigging system, the AC 350/6 enables fast, easy rigging and safety, the company said.

The boom extends to 210 feet (64 m) and maximum system length is 412.4 feet (125.7 m). Additional attachments can be loaded onto conventional trucks within a width of 8.4 feet (2.55 m).

Also on show is the updated RT 100 rough terrain crane with extra long 174 foot (53 m) boom allowing lifts of up to 100 US tons (90 t) without the need for jib extensions or inserts. Maximum system length is 223 feet (68 m). It has a new self-removing counterweight to simplify adaptation for road transport.

From the Peiner tower crane range is the revised SK 415-20. It has the new EVO15 cab for better visibility and comfort. It has a new maximum jib length of 262.4 feet (80 m). Capacity is 22 tons (20 metric tons) and jib tip capacity at maximum jib length is 2.3 tonnes. A new HD23-TS212 transfer mast is available to enhance the application possibilities on the jobsite by increasing the crane's free standing capabilities to 300 feet 6 inches (91.6 m).

"This show is really the show for the US and America's market," said Bardonaro. "It should provide everyone with a sense of optimism and outlook into the future of our industry and economic turnaround."

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