New aviation-focused scissor from Genie

By Lindsey Anderson07 March 2012

The new Terex AWP GS-2646AV scissor lift.

The new Terex AWP GS-2646AV scissor lift.

Genie has introduced the GS-2646AV scissor lift. First unveiled as a prototype at ConExpo 2011, the GS-2646AV scissor lift was designed specifically for the aviation industry. The unit is based off the 2646 scissor and was originally developed with feedback from Boeing (who uses scissor lifts to construct its planes).

"The GS-2646AV was designed for extra reach, access and safety for maximum productivity [and] offers a smooth, powered extension deck option which provides an extra 5 feet of reach," Jeff Weido, scissor senior product manager for Terex AWP says. "Through our extensive research, we were able to design our new machine to hone in on the needs of this unique industry. This scissor is not just for aircraft maintenance; it is for manufacturing. It is truly a start-to-finish product for the aviation industry."

The unit features a working height of 32 feet (9.92 m) and a drive height of 26 feet (7.92 m). The width of the scissor with Padded Aircraft Protection Rail (PAR) is 4 feet, 8 inches (1.42 m). It has an inside turning radius of zero and a lift capacity of 900 pounds (340 kg). The electric scissor lift offers 24V DC power with four 6V 225 Ah batteries for a full day shift of run time, according to Terex AWP.

The PAR system cushions the platform railings, and gates at both ends of the platform provide easier access for operators. The platform extension deck and gates are interlocked, which Terex AWP says prevents the machine from being operated while the deck is extended or the gates are open.

Other features include a "flight line" option that provides wind speed ratings of up to 35 mph and Genie's new SmartLink onboard diagnostics control system that allows software updates to be made remotely.

The unit will be available to all ANSI markets and Terex AWP says production will begin in the second quarter of 2012.

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