New bulk pulverisers from Atlas Copco

By Lindsay Gale31 October 2011

The BP 3050 is the larger of the two new bulk pulverisers, from Atlas Copco, with a jaw opening of 1

The BP 3050 is the larger of the two new bulk pulverisers, from Atlas Copco, with a jaw opening of 1 m

Atlas Copco has introduced two new bulk pulverisers, the BP 2050 and BP 3050. Atlas Copco says that because of their new angled shape, both tools are ideal for secondary demolition and additional reduction of reinforced concrete elements. A broad jaw makes it easy to feed in material on the ground, helping to speed up work and allow clean separation of rebar and concrete. An optional hydraulic rotation device allows both to be used for primary demolition of ceilings and walls.

The BP 2050 fixed is for use on 18-27 tonne carriers, with the rotating variant suitable for use on 22-27 tonne machines. It offers a jaw opening of 875 mm (2.9 ft) and the fixed model has a service weight of 2,050 kg (4,510 lb,) with the R weighing 2,600 kg (5,720 lb). The larger BP 3050 has a jaw opening of 1 m (3.3 ft), with the fixed model weighing in at 3,050 kg (6,710 lb) and suitable for use on 25-35 tonne carriers. The rotating version weighs 3,850 kg (8,470 lb) and can be used with machines weighing from 30 to 35 tonnes.

According to product line manager silent demolition tools Wolfgang Hohn: ""Our new bulk pulverisers follow our concept of lower cost of ownership. And the robust design of the moving jaw and the housing extends the service life even under extreme stresses."

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