New canal finisher launched

25 April 2008

Gomaco's newest canal finisher, the CF-790, is specifically designed for finishing wider width canals – 22 m wide and with slopes from 4:1 to 1:1 – and can be custom ordered to fit exact project specifications.

The CF-790's upper structure is tubular lattice welded steel with end-car mounted crawler tracks, while the finisher sub-frame is welded high strength steel lattice panels.

Finisher sections are all pin-connected for fast setup times, while the bottom frame can be partially disassembled to allow the remaining slope frames, along with the finishing carriages, to be winched up under the upper structure and secured. This makes it easier to place or remove the slip former from the canal.

The CF-790 also features Gomaco's three-point finishing system for a one-pass finishing operation. It has two single cylinder finishing carriages equipped with mounted or independent augers. During the finishing process, one 254 mm diameter auger on both the right-and left-hand side of the finisher levels the concrete. Two 320 rpm, 254 mm diameter, 1.22 m long cylinders consolidate and finish the concrete. Then a 635 x 559 mm trailing float pan seals and textures the surface. Optional externally vibrated undercarriages or trimming undercarriages are also available.

A four cylinder 62 kW Caterpillar diesel engine gives the CF-790 a variable operating speed of up to 5.1 m/minute and a paving/travel speed of up to 15.4 m/minute.

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