New compact modular vacuum lifting system

By Christian Shelton20 February 2017

The CM 3 compact modular vacuum lifting system fits easily and quickly to a wide range of host machi

The CM 3 compact modular vacuum lifting system fits easily and quickly to a wide range of host machinery

The new CM 3 compact modular vacuum lifting system from global lifting specialist Vacuworx is designed to enable contractors to utilise larger-capacity compact equipment (such as skid steers, track loaders, articulating wheel loaders and mini excavators) for a range of lifting applications. These include lifting concrete slabs, steel plates, and some pipes, weighing up to 3 tonnes.

According to Vacuworx, the CM 3 is a rugged, all-steel unit that can accommodate single or double pad configurations interchangeably, depending on the application. The system is operated by a hydraulically-driven vacuum pump using the auxiliary hydraulics from the host machine (minimum 10 GPM required with maximum 3,000 psi). With quick-connect hydraulic hoses and a universal mounting plate assembly, Vacuworx says the CM 3 can be attached to a variety of host machines in just a matter of minutes. To ensure optimal performance with any equipment the unit features a factory preset flow control valve. The CM 3 with a standard mounting plate weighs the same as a standard skid steer bucket, so it does not affect the lift capacity of the host machine.

Vacuworx claims that by using the modular vacuum lifting system contractors require less equipment and fewer personnel to do a job in record time. It also states that vacuum lifting is a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional lifting methods such as anchors, hooks, slings and chains. Because the system can be attached to different host machines quickly and easily, it can also be moved around a jobsite to be used where it is needed most.

Designed for both durability and practicality, the CM 3 comes with steel legs for storage, which can either be removed or rotated up when the system is in use. The adjustable spreader bar for double pads extends from 61” to 85” (measured from outside to outside of the seal channels), while the flat and pipe pads are sold separately.

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