New compaction machines from JCB, Hamm, Bomag, Weber MT, Paclite and others.

IRN looks at some of the new compaction equipment available, including machines from JCB, Hamm, Paclite, Weber MT and Masterpac. We start, however, with Chris Sleight's report on the latest tandem rollers from Bomag.

Bomag's new Dash-5 articulated tandem roller range is the result of a three year research and development programme and a €3 million (US$4.2 million) investment. The first fruits of this research are at the smaller end of the scale with six models in three weight classes from 1.5 to 1.8 t.

Visitors to last year's Bauma exhibition may remember seeing an early version on display on the Bomag stand, but according to communications manager, Iris von Kirschbaum, this was a "Proto, proto, prototype." She added, "This is a real core product for Bomag."

Feedback received at the show and subsequently from customers led to several key design changes, among them the provision for more foot space, easier access and a more expansive operator area.

Other improvements around the operator include a chassis frame that tapers towards the operator station. This means the edge of the front drum is visible without the operator having to lean over the side of the machine - an important safety feature.

The small, ergonomically designed steering wheel and multi-function joystick work alongside Bomag's intelligent vibration control. Once the operator has selected vibration on the front, rear or both drums, along with the intelligent vibration mode, vibration is activated based on the roller's speed. Vibration kicks-in at 1 km/h but will turn off again if the roller is going too fast - above 5 km/h.

The first models available in the Dash-5 range are the 1.55 t BW 80 AD-5, the 1.6 t BW 90 AD-5 and 1.65 t BW 1000 ADM-5. In addition to these basic models, there are the 1.65 t BW 90 SC-5 and 1.7 t BW 100 SC-5 'side clearance' models, where the drum is supported on just one side, to allow compaction right up against high curbs or other obstacles. The 1.7 t BW 100 ACM-5 combination roller rounds-off the range.

Power for all of these models comes from a 15 kW Kubota engine, which is designed for use in Europe and requires ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel to operate and meet the region's laws on low emissions.

The maximum travel speed for the machines is 10 km/hr, an increase of some 25% on their predecessors, and at 30 l, the fuel tank is 30% bigger, providing enough capacity for a full day's work.

The new models were launched in the UK, one of the largest markets in the world for this type of machine, and recommended retail prices range from £16875 (US$27300) for the BW 80 AD-5 to £21500 ($34800) for the BW 100 ACM-5.

Bomag says it expects each machine to be kept by its original owner for an average of eight to ten years. In the past, it has seen even longer ownership periods. To reflect this, it is offering a range of finance packages that move away from the typical 20% deposit and 36 month hire-purchase agreements that Ian Barker, general manager of Bomag finance in the UK, says typifies the industry. "We are advocating a five-year funding package, better matching income to expenditure," he said.

Additional tandem roller models in the Dash-5 range are due to be launched later this year on the European market from Bomag's main factory and headquarters in Boppard, Germany. For other parts of the world, including China and the US, Bomag manufactures the BW 900/50, a 1.2 t machine powered by a Honda petrol engine at its plant in China.

Lower vibration with
three new JCB plates

JCB's latest range of compaction plates is designed to reduce hand arm vibration levels "while delivering powerful and long lasting performance".

The three new models - the FP1030, FP1540 and FP1550 - have 300 mm, 400mm and 500mm wide base plates, respectively, and the smallest delivers a compaction force of 10 kN while the larger two models deliver 15 kN.

Aimed at rental companies and building contractors, the plates are designed for the compaction of hardcore and soil, and are described as ideal for asphalt work when fitted with an optional water kit. A specialist paving kit tailors them for non-cohesive materials such as stone paving.

JCB says key features include a patent-pending handle design that "ensures HAV [hand arm vibration] levels (tested to EN500-4) are amongst the lowest in the industry - allowing up to 15 hours operation on the largest model. "

The handle incorporates a hand throttle for comfortable operation and its folding design makes them easier to transport. JCB says the plates will fit in vans and most estate cars.

Hamm's first
Tier 4 roller

Hamm's first roller with Tier 4/Stage IIIB engine technology is the H20i - pictured here at the ConExpo show in Las Vegas earlier this year - the first of the new H Series "all-rounders for earth-moving".

The 20 in the model number refers to its operating weight of 20 t and the ‘i' relates to the Tier 4 engine and what Hamm calls "intelligent emission control".

The unit is powered by a 160 kW, 6 cylinder Deutz diesel engine, which "has abundant reserves for efficient compaction, even in extreme conditions." The engine uses combustion technology, exhaust gas after-treatment and a diesel particulate filter with automatic regeneration to comply with Tier 4i/EU IIIB regulations.

The H20i is equipped with a new, slightly smaller roller drum width that increases the linear load to over 60 kg/cm. Hamm says this means that the compactor is ideally equipped for efficient and fast compaction "with a considerable depth effect."

As with 3000 series machines, the H20i is equipped with a three-point pendulum articulated joint, which helps ensure "excellent direction characteristics and provides ideal directional stability, even in tight corners".

The frame design and the slim design of the engine hood enable an unobstructed view of the surface being compacted. For example, the exhaust is integrated into the design to ensure that it does not obstruct the view.

Among the features of the new machine highlighted by Hamm is ease of maintenance, with all engine service points and the battery on one side of the machine. The H20i has a protected tool storage box under the engine hood as standard.

Options on the roller include a smooth roller drum, padfoot segments or with a padfoot roller drum. Standard equipment includes the Hammtronic machine management system, and an HCQ-GPS navigator can also be retrofitted if required.

Paclite Equipment's latest model is a new heavy reversible plate compactor, the Impact 430DE. The 430 uses a Hatz IB50 electric start and rope start engine, has a cast moulded bottom plate and is equipped with vibration reducing handle. The plate has an operating weight of 435 kg, has a 650 mm wide by 900 mm long base plate and provides a maximum centrifugal force of 50 kN and vibration frequency of 70 Hz. Also new from Paclite - which is based in France and sells machines developed in Asia by Singapore-based UniCorp - is the VR6500 walk-behind roller with a Kubota engine and 650 mm wide roller, and the Roadmaster400, a 400 mm wide compaction plate with a Honda engine.

Weber MT says that the European Union's Water Framework Directive (WFD) could create a demand for vibratory tampers as households seek to comply with a 2015 deadline to meet wastewater discharge standards. It says property owners will be obliged to have their sewers checked by December 31, 2015. If defective, the drains will need to be repaired, says Weber, which claims that as many as 90% of private sewers in Germany could be affected. "It will certainly not be necessary to replace all defective pipes, but in many cases, the laying of new sewers will be unavoidable" says Weber. Pictured is one of the company's SRV 620 tampers.

Masterpac has expanded upwards its PCR range of reversible plate compactors with the launch of the 800 kg weight class PCR8010. The machine has variable forward and reverse speeds has an "easy-drive" design with low centre of gravity, and a height adjustable handle. There is an integrated reverse protection feature to help ensure operator safety, and features include electric start diesel engine and oil pressure and battery charge level indicators. Also new from the company are new light forward plates - the PCV3008H and PCV4515H - with low vibration handles. Masterpac says the new range of plates in the 50 to 115 kg class have vibration levels below the 3.5 m/s² daily exposure action value for an eight-hour working period.

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