New Construction 4.0 group

By Joe Sargent15 April 2019


The founding members of the new Machines in Construction 4.0 group at Bauma 2019

The first meeting of a new working group called Machines in Construction 4.0 has been held by the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) based in Europe .

Founded at Bauma, the group aims to enable work to be carried out in a more structured manner, with all players involved in the value chain.

Essentially said to be about machine data, machine to machine communication, ISO 15143-3 (the communication schema designed to provide mobile machinery status data from a telematics provider’s server to third-party client applications via the Internet), standardisation and data rights, the group has an overall goal of networking machines together.

The group will be open to machine manufacturers, construction companies, material suppliers, software manufacturers, universities and other research institutions across the world.

With the creation of the new group, companies that have not been able to join the VDMA as members will have the opportunity to join this group instead.

Joachim Schmid, VDMA managing director of Construction Equipment and Plant Engineering, said, “With the founding of the MiC 4.0 working group, we are responding to the desire of our members to tackle this issue intensively, in a structured and goal-oriented manner.”

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