New Entrant Award

07 December 2020

Winner Demex
Country Australia
Project Industrial Demolition project at Mulwala explosives facility

web 15 Demex New Entrant

Demex completed the project against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic

Twelve categories down, two to go, 12 different winners so far and a guaranteed 13th different winner because of the way the New Entrant Award works.

Now in its fourth year, the New Entrant Award seeks to recognise companies who have entered the awards for the first time, or after a period of absence, and goes to the highest scoring company which has not won in its own category or category.

After the successes of McMahon Services, Liberty Industrial and Delta Group, Demex completed a successful year for Australia by taking the New Entrant Award, for its entry in the fiercely contested Industrial Demolition category.

Demex took the award for the demolition of the Mulwala NC and first stage precinct buildings, a project that involved both working with residual highly volatile cellulose and working with a large major hazards facility that remained operational.

The contract started in February 2020 and was completed just over four months later, so Demex had to manage the Covid-19 pandemic during the lifetime of the project.

Speaking for Demex, director Richard Todd said: “Thank you very much for the acknowledgment. We are humbled to receive this award.“

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