New Euro 6 products from CTE

By Euan Youdale23 February 2017

CTE Euro 6 product presentation.

CTE Euro 6 product presentation.

CTE has presented its new platforms on Euro 6 trucks to its Italian sales force.

“The arrival of the Euro 6 trucks drew a dividing line between the past and the future of the products of aerial platforms manufacturers,” said a company spokesperson, leading to, “New trucks with increased weights and different needs in construction.”

The manufacturer said the effort required to meet the regulations was great. Given the increased weight of the trucks, the boom design has been revised to meet the weight limits with new materials and management control systems.

The Euro 6 designs have first been introduced the manufacturer’s CTE ZED range, with articulated boom, with the telescopic CTE B-LIFT boom range following on. The manufacturer invited its sales force from subsidiaries Elevateur, Tecnoalt, Sicel and Nord Est Elevatori.

More details on the new CTE products will follow in coming weeks.

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