New flat top range from Linden Comansa

By Euan Youdale16 September 2011

The LC1600 flat top tower crane series from Linden Comansa will be launched in October

The LC1600 flat top tower crane series from Linden Comansa will be launched in October

Linden Comansa is launching a new flat top tower crane series. The LC1600 will be introduced in October and comprise three models: the 16 LC 185, 16 LC 220 and 16 LC 260.

The LC1600 series has been designed with modularity and easiness of assembly and transport in mind. The 8 to 12 tonne capacity series sits between the existing 5 to 8 tonne LC1100 and 12 to 48 tonne LC2100 series.

"In addition, the LC1600 family unites the advantages of both series, which share numerous elements," said a company spokesman.

Following the launch, two existing models from the LC2100 series: the 21 LC 170 and 21 LC 210, will be dropped from the manufacturer's range. They have very similar characteristics to the new models in terms of jib length and load capacity, said the company.

The models in the LC1600 series share the jib sections and counterweights with those of the LC1100. Its counterjib is also compatible with its counterpart on the LC1100 series. In addition, the trolley and hoist mechanisms and the trolley hook joint of the cranes from the LC1100 series can be used on the cranes of the LC1600 series.

The LC1600 also shares the 2 m wide tower sections, climbing cage and the 4.5 and 6 m wide cross bases with the LC2100 series. With a transition section, the LC1600 cranes can be erected on 2.5 m-wide tower sections to obtain freestanding heights of more than 100 m, said the company.

"One of the design advantages of the series is that the cranes don't have an apex element, in the strictest sense. The first counterjib section is placed on the gyratory part and, once mounted, the first jib section joins in at one end and the rest of the counterjib at the other," added the spokesman.

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