New FRD breaker line introduced

By Lindsay Gale07 October 2014

FRD’s FXJ275 weighs 1,775kg and is for use on 18 to 30 tonne carriers

FRD’s FXJ275 weighs 1,775kg and is for use on 18 to 30 tonne carriers

FRD used the recent Steinexpo trade show to showcase its latest generation of breakers. Four new models were on the stand and replace five models from the previous XP series. The FXJ175, FXJ275, FXJ375 and FXJ475 weigh in at 1,015, 1,775, 2525 and 3,205 kg (2,233, 3,906, 5,555 and 7,054 lb) respectively and are for use on 12-21,18-30, 25-42 and 33-55 tonne carriers. The models the four new models replace are the F19XP, F2XP, F27XP, F35XP and F45XP.

The new breakers feature a new mono-block design requiring no through bolts and offering more power and resistance. In addition, the FXJ also has an improved greasing system, rod-pins, valve design and piston.

According to the company, with multiple patented enhancements, the FXJ series improves day-to-day performance, reducing maintenance and downtime, smoother operation, superior strength and the highest level of reliability. A wider hydraulic flow range allows for their use on a broad range of carriers, reducing inventory while increasing utilisation.

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