New generation from Hatz

By Sandy Guthrie05 April 2018

Hatz 3 h50 t prototype med (3)

Hatz 3H50T liquid-cooled three-cylinder diesel engine will be on display for the first time

At this year’s Intermat, Hatz will be focusing on its latest H-series engine generation for EU Stage V emissions regulations, as well as launching its Smart Parts programme.

The engine manufacturer’s new Hatz 3H50T liquid-cooled three-cylinder diesel engine will be on display for the first time.

The 3H50T was said to have been designed specifically for high demands on power, performance and reliability, and for use in compliance with EU Stage V. Hatz said it would be suitable for upgrading existing machines in the 19 to 37kW class to EU Stage V, for example.

In fact, the entire H-series was said to have been developed according to the company’s “rightsizing” principle, whereby the engines are kept as small and light as possible while still offering high performance and power at low speeds. In this way, Hatz is working to help machine manufacturers to upgrade existing machines with minimal design adaptations.

The 3H50T will also be available as an OPU (open power unit) variant. The design of the radiator, hoses, cabling and electronics on the OPU concept was said to simplify design and installation for manufacturers.

Hatz will also be exhibiting its four-cylinder 4H50TICD engine, which is based on the 4H50TIC and is equipped with a turbocharger, intercooler and catalytic converter, as well as a DOC-DPF (diesel oxidation catalyst-diesel particulate filter) unit. As a result, the new engine is compliant with EU Stage V emissions standards.

The Hatz Smart Parts programme means that scanning the code on a Hatz engine using a mobile device with a QR code scanner leads to the appropriate web page for that particular Hatz model. From there, they can place an order.

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