New gensets and welders from SDMO, Atlas Copco, Doosan, Cummins and others.

28 September 2010

Doosan PowerSource generators.

Doosan PowerSource generators.

New gensets and welding units from SDMO, Atlas Copco, Doosan Infracore Portable Power Lincoln, Cummins, GYS and Multiquip come under the spotlight in this IRN Product Report.

Emission limits prompt
SDMO genset redesign

The January 2011 deadline for diesel gensets to comply with European Stage IIIA emission limits (on gensets from 19 to 37 kW and 75 to 560 kW) has prompted French manufacturer SDMO to design a new Rental Compact line of generators in the 16 to 700 kVA sizes.

SDMO says the new emission regulations have led to a fundamental redesign of the gensets. The chassis looks completely new, equipped with protective buffers and a sturdy projecting chassis which the company says is "equal to anything". The cut-off corners and stylised air intakes give the gensets a 21st century look.

The first unit in the new range is the 100 kVA (prime power) R110C3 - shown at Bauma - which uses a John Deere 4045HFG83 engine and Leroy Somer alternator with reinforced insulation. This unit weighs 1423 kg (without fuel) and has dimensions of 2.86 m (L) by 1.15 m (W) by 1.99 m (H). The ‘C' stands for lean and the ‘3' for Stage III.

There are other fundamental changes - the operating and control section is now separated from the engine/alternator compartment, making it more accessible and easier to use. SDMO says this has also reduced sound levels (to 76.5 dB (A)).

The first models in the new line will be available in September 2010 followed by further sizes in 2011, notably the 135 kVA R135C3. Other models in the 250 to
700 kVA sizes will be launched at the end of 2011 or during 2012.

Atmos gensets
get new look

Czech Republic-based genset, compressor and screed pump manufacturer Atmos Chrást s.r.o has launched a redesigned range of generators up to 100 kVA built for rental applications.

The new range (see the old and new gensets pictured here) incorporate a fully bunded structure to prevent damaging fluid spills and a new modular panel design that means damage can be repaired without having to replace the entire welded enclosure.

Following the launch of the new rental range of gensets the company has set itself a target to introduce compact, trailer mounted sets up to 20 kW, using a modified compressor canopy and capable of towing speeds of up to 100 km/hr. The small gensets will weigh less than 750 kg.

Atmos, which is based in Chrást, a small town east of Prague, and has been manufacturing since 1900. Its core business is stationary screw compressors, portable screw compressors, gensets up to 2200 kVA, screed pumps and piston compressors.

from Lincoln

Lincoln Electric's new Flextec 450 is being promoted as a "multi-process" welding set designed for fabrication, construction, automotive and production applications worldwide.

The machine uses Lincoln's Flexible Technology system to deliver up to 500 amps of welding power, while the latest inverter technology provides "faster arc response and considerable energy savings". The unit can be used for stick, TIG, MIG and flux-cored welding, as well as arc gouging with up to 9.5 mm carbon.

Lincoln says that the inverter technology used on the 450 is normally only available at a much higher price point and provides "measurable advantages over conventional welders". These include a faster arc response for smoother arc action; lower power consumption; and 30% less weight, making it easier to transport.

The Flextec 450 includes a compact, durable case that is IP23 rated for operation and storage in extreme field environments. It can operate in temperatures up to 55۫ C.

Another feature of the 450 is variable arc force, which allows an operator to dial in ‘soft' or ‘crisp' arc characteristics required for a specific application.

JCB sets with Dieselmax

JCB says its latest three genset models using the Dieselmax four-cylinder engine will compete directly with larger generators powered by "fuel hungry" six cylinder engines.

The new G140X (open), G140QX (enclosed) and G130RX rental specification sets all use the same JCB Dieselmax 4.8 litre four-cylinder engine. JCB says the new sets will use up to 10% less fuel than average six cylinder units.

Richard Butler, JCB Power Products director and general manager, says Richard Butler says the sets "allow us to offer generators that take less floorspace and save fuel. This is a very attractive proposition for end-users and also benefits the environment because of the reduction in fuel consumption.

"The JCB 4.8 litre engine provides high power ratings where competitors can only achieve the equivalent through six cylinder engines. This is quite a breakthrough."

Twelve of JCB's 74 model genset range are now powered by JCB Dieselmax engines.

The new models were launched at the IP & EE show early this year where the company showcased the G140QX unit, which offers 127 kW of prime power.

Meanwhile, JCB has added two new dealers to its genset distribution network. August Storm Gmbh & Co. KG is now the distributor for the whole of Germany and Tarplett Generator Services (TGS) becomes one of JCB's UK genset dealers. See for the full story.

Purity genset makes
Glastonbury debut

Bredenoord's Purity fuel cell powered generator made a working appearance at the Glastonbury Festival earlier this summer and embarked on a tour of other festivals in the UK over the summer.

The generator was rented to Firefly Solar, a UK company that specialises in providing solar power and lighting and audio visual systems for events and festivals. Firefly used the 5 kVA Purity to supplement its solar power generators for tents in Bella's Field, part of Glastonbury's Theatre and Circus area.

Paul Schurink, manager international projects & business development at Bredenoord, who attended the Festival, tells IRN that the generator had performed faultlessly over the four days and had attracted a lot of interest; "Contractors, other events people, electricians - everyone who is involved in temporary power was interested. They saw that we had brought something new."

Firefly took the Purity, and one of Bredenoord's new ‘Clear Concept' gensets (which uses a clean air filter and synthetic GTL fuel), to a number of other Festivals in the south of the UK in July. These include Paddle Round The Pier in Brighton and the Lovebox and High Voltage Festivals in London.

Bredenoord met Firefly in the summer of 2009 when Firefly's managing director, Andy Mead, visited the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands where Bredenoord was showing the Purity.

Doosan Infracore Portable Power (DIPP) is making its G250, G400 and G500 PowerSource gensets available with the new AGC200 synchronisation option. The feature - developed with controls specialist DEIF - will allow generator rental companies to optimise the use of their generator fleets. The AGC200 synchronisation panel offers the following working modes: single generator in island, island generator synchronisation, mains power export, load take-over and peak shaving. The system allows gensets to be synchronized with generators using non-DEIF controllers. The G250, G400 and G500 are the three largest models in the PowerSource generator family, which comprises 12 models with prime power outputs from 10 to 500 kVA.

Cummins Power Generation has added six new diesel generator sets that are compliant with European Stage II engine emission regulations. The sets are designed primarily for stationary standby and prime power applications. Powered by the QSX15 engine, the new range comprises four models - the C400D5e, C450D5e, C500D5e and C550D5e - with outputs from 400 to 550 kVA at 50 Hz. Two further models (C450D6e and C500D6e) are available with US Tier 2 emission compliance. All the generators are supplied with PowerCommand 2.2 as standard, with the more advanced PowerCommand 3.3 paralleling control as an option.

Atlas Copco has upgraded its QAC 750 to the QAC 800 to meet the demand for 800 kVA gensets. The QAC 800 delivers 800 kVA of prime power at 50 Hz. The new model is based on a modified 750 kVA QAC 750 model, but uses an enhanced MWM TCD 2016 V12 engine. The unit offers "whisper quiet" operation sound levels and features a double-skinned and removable fuel tank with leakage sensors and spillage free frame construction.

French welding set manufacturer GYS has launched two lightweight plasma cutters: the single phase, 230 V Plasma Cutter 21 and the 85 - 265 V flexible voltage Plasma Cutter 31FV. Both machines use inverter technology and are designed for industrial maintenance and vehicle body repair work as well as on-site applications. The Plasma Cutter 21 can cut up to 4 mm aluminium and copper as well as 6 mm steel, stainless steel and cast iron sheets, and the Plasma Cutter 31FV is able to cut 8 mm aluminium and copper and up to 10 mm steel, stainless steel and cast iron sheets. The cutters have IP23 protection against rain and dust and are supplied with an air cooled torch and a 4 m length of hose. GYS is located Laval, France, and supplies MIG, TIG, MMA and plasma welding products and battery chargers.

US heavy engineering contractor Traylor Bros Inc is using Multiquip welding units supplied by Las Vegas-based Ahern Rentals to help it maintain and repair on-site its fleet of over 2800 items of construction equipment. The company is using Multiquip's 400 and 500 A welders. "When you work in high risk civil construction, having reliable equipment to ensure employees' safety is critical," says Thad Pirtle, vice president and equipment manager for Traylor Bros, "Reliability also significantly impacts productivity. Since using Multiquip's welders, our uptime is almost 100%. Our experience with Multiquip has been very positive - almost flawless."

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