New Goldhofer semi-trailer exceeds 100 tonnes

05 August 2008

STZ-H10 semi-trailer

STZ-H10 semi-trailer

Specialized transport equipment manufacturer Goldhofer will launch its ten-axle STZ-H10 beam-axle semi-trailer in September.

Payload is more than 100 tonnes, which is a first for a semi-trailer, claimed the German manufacturer. Goldhofer will present its new trailer at the International Motor Show for Commercial Vehicles (IAA) in Hannover, Germany (25 September to 2 October).

“Our new STZ-H10, with a technical axle load of 11.2 tonnes, is the ideal roadrunner for heavy payloads,” said Stefan Fuchs, Goldhofer chief executive. Its payload is 106 tonnes while in Germany axle load rules reduce this to about 93 tonnes.

“We have already sold several vehicles in advance,” says Fuchs. The STZ-H10 is “predestined for the transport of the new generation of large cranes, but is also suitable for any type of payload,” according to the manufacturer.

An additional benefit of the new trailer is that it helps with savings in the international transport business, “Because the transit fees in many countries are calculated by axle load, transport companies will, of course, save a great deal of money if they use our ten-axle model in the future,” Fuchs said.

The hydraulic suspension has a stroke of 400 mm and the trailer is designed with high ground clearance for better cross-country mobility than a conventional eight-axle semi-trailer. It can be operated with a height setting of +/-200 mm or +300/-100 mm.

An hydraulic gooseneck allows the the STZ-H10 to be pulled by 3- and 4- axle truck tractors with appropriate 5th wheel loads. The trailer’s first four axles can be raised hydraulically and braking is electronically controlled. To save on weight during transport the side extensions can be removed.

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