New HiPro crane from Hiab

By Laura Hatton19 February 2014

The Hiab S-HiPro 130 crane is designed for mounting on top of the vehicle

The Hiab S-HiPro 130 crane is designed for mounting on top of the vehicle

Hiab, part of Cargotec, has launched a new crane to add to its range of hydraulic articulating boom cranes, the Hiab S-HiPro 130.

Designed for mounting on top of the vehicle, or for waste refuse vehicles on top of the collector, the new design frees up space for stowing refuse.

“Waste containers are traditionally lifted by a crane installed on the chassis behind the cabin,” the manufacturer said. “Because this installation takes up a space of around one metre, compactor size is limited to a maximum 18 cubic metres. Locating the Hiab S-HiPro 130 on top of the compactor allows an increase in compaction volume of 4 cubic metres.”

Gaston van Kleef, Hiab market development director, added, “Normally you can collect about 9,000 kilos of waste on one trip. With our design you can collect 11,500 kilos or about 12 bins more. It saves time on every load cycle and is easier on the environment since fuel consumption is lower. In other words, savings add up when you transport 20 to 25 percent more waste on every trip.”

In addition to its space saving design, the crane uses automatically extending stabilisers. It is also fitted with a control system which maintains stability, the manufacturer said.

Marcel Kappe, Hiab product portfolio management director, said, “It is the first semi-automatic crane - it's fast, accurate and reduces the risks of errors. It unfolds and folds automatically. The driver only has to operate the crane manually when a container needs to be picked up. Operating the crane is based on crane tip control technology, which uses co-ordinate steering. The position of the crane and its control system constitute a unique combination.

“The Hiab S-HiPro 130 was originally produced for the Spanish and Portuguese markets, but we have received a lot of attention from many other countries too, especially the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Israel. The combination of having a crane on top of the compactor and a semi-automatic control system really makes a difference,” Kappe added.

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