New Holland introduces B Series wheeled excavators

By Lindsay Gale06 December 2012

The WE190B Pro is the largest of the three new wheeled machines

The WE190B Pro is the largest of the three new wheeled machines

New Holland has announced the introduction of a new three model generation of medium wheeled excavators. The new range is made up by the 16.4 tonne WE150B Pro, the 18 tonne WE170B and the 19.5 tonne WE190B. According to New Holland the machines are powered by high performance, large displacement Fiat Powertrain engines that deliver high torque and power. The unit in the 150 delivers 90 kW (121 hp), with corresponding figures for the 170 and 190 of 105 kW (141 hp) and 119 kW (158 hp) respectively.

The company says that the arm on the machines, available in three lengths for each model, has been redesigned to provide break-out forces 5% greater than the previous models these new machines replace. In addition, the new design optimises weight distribution and minimises the offset of the undercarriage, resulting in excellent stability and high lifting performance at the front and rear.

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