New Holland’s new wheeled excavators

09 November 2012

New Holland's B Series PRO models are said to have "exceptional stability and equally high lifting p

New Holland's B Series PRO models are said to have "exceptional stability and equally high lifting performance at the front and the rear".

New controls for high precision work, and ease of operation and service are being claimed for the new generation of wheeled excavators from New Holland.

The company has launched the B Series PRO, with three new models ranging from 14 to 17 tonnes.

It claimed the new models delivered high productivity and reliability at low operating costs.

The B Series PRO wheeled excavators run high performance, large displacement FPT engines – from within the Fiat group – that deliver high torque and power. A three-pump hydraulic system is said to maximise swing performance with a dedicated swing pump so that no power is diverted from the other hydraulic functions. New Holland said this resulted in greater efficiency and fast cycles. In addition, the large displacement engine and three-pump system is claimed to result in less wear, increasing the machine’s reliability.

The arm, available in three lengths for each model, has been redesigned and provides 5% higher breakout force than in previous models. The automatic power boost kicks in when more power is needed, increasing pressure up to 370bar.

The new design of the B Series PRO is said to optimise weight distribution and minimise the offset of the undercarriage, “resulting in exceptional stability and equally high lifting performance at the front and the rear”, according to New Holland.

The electro-hydraulic system has been re-engineered and now relies on a single integrated CPU (central processing unit) instead of the three controllers of the previous models. New software has been developed which aims to maximise the machine’s uptime and deliver clear diagnostics.

The three-pump system enables the operator to carry out simultaneous movements under every load. Proportional controls and new low-effort joysticks with longer stroke are said to help with tasks requiring particularly high precision, such as levelling.

The operator has a choice of working modes to match the requirements of the task. The adjustable swing speed enables them to adjust power and brake force according to the operation.

For special applications, the swing brake mode can be permanently engaged by a dedicated switch. When the highest precision is needed, the operator can activate the levelling mode on the left joystick. Managing the attachment’s flow and pressure is described as easy, and up to 12 settings can be memorised for later use.

With the attachment management system, proportional control and wide variety of possible configurations, the B Series PRO is designed to work with every type of attachment.

The cab layout and control design have been developed with the operator in mind, to make the machine’s operation intuitive and comfortable, said New Holland.

There is a new dashboard with LCD monitor and screen dedicated to the rear view camera. The layout of the controls is designed to makes it easy to operate the machine. For example, all travel controls – road mode, creep speed, gear shifting, axle lock – are grouped on a switch pad placed on the steering column. The slider function for the blade and stabilisers is on the right joysticks, together with the travel direction control.

All the main service points are grouped and easily accessible at ground level. The side-by-side radiator layout is said to result in a reliable cooling performance and makes it easier to clean them. A front net keeps dust away from the radiators, lengthening the interval between cleanings.

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