New Home: Power Curbers' new factory means more space and efficiency

27 February 2008

This summer saw Power Curbers, based in Salisbury, North Carolina, US move to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. As well as consolidating the work of two factories, the new building brings together all of the company's administrative personnel, and gives it a brand new training centre.

CEO Dyke Messinger takes up the story, “We wanted to consolidate manufacturing from two buildings into one, and we also had people working out of five office buildings, and we really felt we needed to bring everyone into the same area.

“But both those factors were not enough to justify it. We needed a training facility as well, and this new building gives us the perfect spot to do that, right next to our manufacturing plant. We expect to train hundreds of people per year. We can train every week if we want to, and there are different kinds of class. We can also train our own people, which is great.”

“Lead times are a little tough - we're not losing orders, but when we want to ramp-up production a little bit, you can feel the supply chain tightening in things like hydraulic components. We've shifted to Cummins engines form Deutz this year, which makes it easier because engines are not coming over the water (from Germany).

“This new facility means we can increase production. It all depends how aggressive we want to be with our manufacturing schedule.”

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