New Kalmar Autoshuttle

By Alex Dahm22 May 2008

Kalmar has launched the Kalmar Autoshuttle, an automated self-loading vehicle able to pick, place and transport containers between ship-to-shore (STS) and yard stacking cranes. According to Kalmar, the industry's first fully automated “one-over-one” Autoshuttle boasts major benefits over its older rival: automatic guided vehicles (AGVs).

Advantages include the decoupling of vessel and yard operations, reduction of traffic congestion, better space utilisation behind a STS crane, higher buffer capacity in front of yard stacks, and the elimination of a second STS trolley, due to the buffer zone created on the quay. The company added that two or three Autoshuttle units are needed to serve one STS crane, compared to five to seven AGVs.

“In the 1990s, Kalmar designed the Shuttle Carrier to meet the handling needs of future mega-terminals, which are today's reality. Requiring ever-faster turnaround times, higher productivity and better cost efficiency, Kalmar is again anticipating the needs of its customers by offering the Kalmar Autoshuttle as a faster and more flexible, productive solution,” comments Jorma Tirkkonen, president Kalmar Intelligence and Automation.

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