New light combi cutter from Atlas Copco

By Lindsay Gale07 November 2011

Atlas Copco CC950

Atlas Copco CC950

Atlas Copco has announced the introduction of a new demolition cutter, the 920 kg (2,024 lb) CC 950, for 9-16 tonne carriers. The new tool is suitable for light demolition applications such as masonry and lightly reinforced concrete removal.

A hydraulic rotation device ensures continuous 360 degree rotation, allowing the attachment to placed in cutting positions quickly and easily

The CC 950 joins the CC 650 introduced at bauma as part of the Light Combi Cutter line. Product line mamager for silent tools WolfgangHohn said: "We are seeing a clear trend towards increasingly more versatile carriers which are ready equipped with couplers for a wide range of different attachments."

The new tool offers a cutting force of 55 tonnes. Wolfgang continnued: "The combination of low weight with optimum crushing force is important in terms of cost-effective usage. If I can use a smaller crusher and, consequently, a smaller excavator for a specific task, then I save on investment and operating costs."

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