New mini model from Hitachi

16 April 2009

Hitachi has revealed the "basic no nonsense" 1,5 tonne ZX14-3 mini excavator.

Hitachi has revealed the "basic no nonsense" 1,5 tonne ZX14-3 mini excavator.

Hitachi has launched the 1,5 tonne ZX14-3 excavator to fill the gap in its 1 to 2 tonne class mini excavator range.

Described as a "basic no-nonsense model that is extremely easy to operate" the ZX14-3 uses a three cylinder 10,7 kW, Stage III A (Tier 3) engine and a large 22 litre capacity fuel tank to increase operating time. Operating weights range from 1,46 to 1,57 tonnes.

Speaking for Hitachi, Joep van den Maagdenberg said, "Hitachi mini excavators deliver a powerful package in terms of versatility and reliability. The ZX14-3 is positioned within a crucial class and has evolved from the existing Zaxis range."

The cab features a comfortable, fully adjustable seat and the levers allow continuous operation with less fatigue. The ergonomically designed controls and switches are within easy reach, Hitachi said.

Operator comfort and control are enhanced by a dashboard with an easy-to-view monitor. The display can be used to check information such as maintenance intervals and fuel consumption figures.

Noise and vibrations are kept to a minimum due to an improved tread pattern on the rubber tracks and the machine's hydraulics help to distribute the oil pressure more efficiently. This innovation helps to reduce fuel consumption without compromising on performance, the company added.

Mr van den Maagdenberg said the components of the ZX14-3 are interchangeable with other Hitachi models. "So for example if customers have other machines from the company they can use the same attachments and filters."

He added the market for conventional style excavators still exists for models weighing below 3 tonnes - such as the ZX14-3. However, he said the company believes conventional excavators above this weight are slowly disappearing and being replaced with zero tailswing models.

The machine is aimed at the rental sector with particular focus on the UK and Italian markets, Mr van den Maagdenberg explained.

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