New Nooteboom ballast trailer

11 May 2009

Nooteboom's new 7 by 2.75 m ballast semi-trailer has a 17 tonne payload

Nooteboom's new 7 by 2.75 m ballast semi-trailer has a 17 tonne payload

Dutch specialized trailer manufacturer Nooteboom has launched a 7 by 2.75 m ballast semi-trailer.

Crane operators can take extra ballast and a commercial vehicle to the building site with an 80 to 160 tonne capacity telescopic all terrain crane. It means that if the crane operator wants to go home or elsewhere, the crane can stay on site as the operator can use a vehicle carried on the trailer.

Aluminium ramps stored in the trailer allow a vehicle to be driven on and off the deck without needing a winch.

Rigid stub axles are used to give a flat loading space 4.5 m long, 1.7 m wide and an 820 mm deck height for loading. The low position of the ballast means a low centre of gravity, which is good for stability. After the ballast has been loaded, the boards are folded closed.

Payload is 17 tonnes and the trailer weighs 4 tonnes. it was developed in conjunction with international heavy lift and transport specialist Mammoet, which has 15 units. Cost savings are such that the trailers will soon pay for themselves, according to Nooteboom.

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