New paver and compact planer from Bomag

By Chris Sleight11 March 2011

Bomag's new BF 800 aspahlt paver.

Bomag's new BF 800 aspahlt paver.

Bomag used the Samoter exhibition as the global launch pad for its new BF 800 paver finisher, offering a 6m paving width with its hydraulically extendable screed and up to 10 m with quick-fix bolt-on extensions.

In fact the 20 tonne BF 800 comes with a choice of screeds, which can also be used on the smaller BF 600. The S 500 screed offers 2.5 m to 5 m of working width with its hydraulic extenders, and can be increased up to 9 m with quick-fix extensions. The s 600 meanwhile offers a range of 3 m to 6 m, while extensions can increase this to 10 m.

Operators will appreciate the visibility that can be achieved with the sliding seats and cab - the cab can be moved laterally to overhang either side by up to 500 mm. This allows all corners of the machine to be seen without leaning out from under the canopy - an important safety feature. Another key new feature is the Bomag failure detection system, which spots problems like inconsistencies and defects in the material flow, alerting the operator so action can be taken immediately.

Servicing and repairs have been made easier with easy access to all hydraulic systems and the engine compartment, the addition of an automatic central lubrication system, and a centralised electrical system with clearly numbered wiring looms.

Redefining milling

Bomag's new BM 500/15 500 mm milling machine meanwhile includes a number of new features. A key improvement to the operator's station is that all the controls can be access from the normal sitting position, and the operator's station is also vibration isolated. The seats swivels through 45° to allow views in both directions, and there is plenty of space around the seat, despite the proximity of the controls.

But Bomag says the real revolution is in its new quick-change milling drums, which are the product of three years of research and development. New teeth patterns mean vibration is reduced during cutting, and a new geometry at the edge of the drums means there is minimal damaged to neighbouring surfaces during cutting. The drum drive and mounting have also been improved, cutting fuel costs and extending the service life, and a new range of diagonal cutters protect the drum shell when working around bends.

In fact Bomag is so confident in its new drum design that it has made versions of its 500 mm units available that can be fitted to competitors' milling machines.

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