New pumps from Enerpac

21 November 2019

Enerpac has introduced a new series of E-Pulse Hydraulic Pumps, as well as a new XC1302SE Cordless Dump and Hold Pump.


The new E-Pulse pumps are designed for durability:

1. System components enclosed for protection

2. Housing’s fins provide heat dissipation

3. Impact absorbing, vibration dampening feet

4. Integrated roll-cage design

The E-Pulse Hydraulic Pumps have new Smart Controls that enable the motor to maintain constant power across the pressure range and provide higher flow than traditional 0.5hp (0.37kW) pumps.

Their adjustable speed control provides greater precision, and the 0.85hp (0.63kW) direct-drive motor has a six-piston block design that makes the operation of tools smoother.

The models in the range offer a choice of five valves: 3/2 jog, 4/3 jog, 3/2 dump-and-hold, 3/2 dump and 4/2 torque wrench.

To make the units more robust, while allowing easy access for maintenance, they are enclosed in an IP 54-rated durable aluminium housing.

Meanwhile, the XC1302SE Cordless Dump and Hold Pump, which delivers 0.25 litres of flow per minute, comes with an interactive pendant for crimping, pressing, clamping and bending applications.

This pump is an addition to Enerpac’s XC-Series, which includes single-acting, double-acting and torque wrench functionality.


Enerpac’s new XC1302SE Dump and Hold Pump

Convenience and efficiency of operation are enhanced by the pump’s solenoid-operated valve that enables pendant control, allowing the operator to work up to 3m away from the pump.

The interactive two-button pendant can be used to adjust the pump’s pressure. It has LED indicators that provide visual and vibratory feedback to the operator, ensuring safety during operation.

A bladder reservoir allows the pump to be used in any position, and the unit is powered by 28V lithium-ion batteries that can be charged in one hour.

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