New rack-and-pinion equipment

19 June 2008

It has been relatively quiet for new mast climbing equipment since the numerous launches made at the World of Concrete earlier this year. However, CAMAC in Spain has launched a new hoist, the Eurolift, as well as a smaller hoist, called Smart, for use with tube scaffolding.

Chinese-manufactured Baoda mast climbers received CE certification on 3 January 2008. Currently distributed in the US, they may soon be available in Europe.

Boada man-lifts have capacities from 1800 to 3180 kg, and Shanghai Boada Engineering Machinery manufactures approximately 1000 lifts per year, 70 of which are currently working in North America.

The SC280/280GSN hoist is the latest model from GJJ, and the Chinese company says it represents an adoption of high level technology to the vertical access industry. It has no counterweight and offers payload capacity up to 2800 kg per cage and speeds up to 96 m/min.

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