New rail mounted unit from Dingli

By Euan Youdale09 January 2023

Dingli BA16RR The new Dingli BA16RR can also be mounted on a wheel-based chassis.

Dingli has launched a new rail mounted access platform.

The BA16RR platform is also available as a  road going unit.

On the road, the model has a maximum working height of 16.3m and maximum load of 400kg on the road.

On a rail mounted chassis, it offers the same working height and a maximum load of 320kg.

The boom is based on Dingli’s electric BA20ERT model, while the model’s lower section is based on manufacturer’s BT22RT telescopic boom lift. The road-going option has a newly-designed 4x4 axle and a new rail axle.

The BA16RR can reach a maximum speed of 12km/h on rails, which the manufacturer says allows maximum efficiency for rail use.

More information will follow about this new model. 

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