New rammer design pays off for Atlas Copco

26 June 2015

Atlas Copco has reported increasing interest worldwide in its LT rammer series, with sales in the UK in particular at double last year’s level.

The company said this was as a result of customers embracing its ergonomic, user-friendly design.

The rammers are versatile compaction tools developed for work on cohesive and granular soils, for example for repair and improvements to trenches and foundations.

“The LT rammer is built with the operator in focus to ensure that it is easy to handle, effective and safe for the construction workers,” said Andrew Walker, president of Atlas Copco’s Construction Technique business area.

“We are happy to see that construction companies are recognising the benefits that come with using this tool.”

Since the upgraded LT6005 rammer and the smaller LT5005 rammer were introduced in August 2014 they have more than doubled sales in the UK, and significantly increased sales in markets such as the United States, Brazil, Poland, Czech Republic, China, Australia and Spain.

The key to achieve that was the close relationship between Atlas Copco’s designers and dealers and the construction companies that use the tool.

The result was a slimmer design that facilitates handling where space is tight, such as close to walls, posts or in narrow trenches.

This year, the LT6005 has won the iF Product Design Award in Germany and the Swedish Grand Award of Design in the Public’s Favourite category.

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