New RT series from Tadano

01 November 2011

The Tadano GR-800EX, along with all cranes in the new series, is equipped with the manufacturer’s He

The Tadano GR-800EX, along with all cranes in the new series, is equipped with the manufacturer’s Hello-Net Service, enabling customers to remotely check and manage the operating schedule and check ma

Tadano is launching four new rough terrain cranes, each with the longest boom in its capacity class, said the manufacturer.

The GR-800EX, GR-600EX, GR-500EX and GR-300EX, with 80, 60, 50 and 30 tonne lifting capacities, respectively, are aimed at the general export market. For North America the four machines are designated: GR-1000XL, GR-750XL, GR-550XL and GR-350XL.

Boom lengths are 12 to 47 metres for the biggest GR-800EX model and reduce to 9.7 -31 m for the smallest GR-300EX. Jib lengths range from 10.1 or 17.7 m at the top end of the range to 72.2 or 12.8 m at the bottom. All the models, except the GR-300EX adopt a rounded boom structure made of lightweight, high strength, yet high tensile steel, said the manufacturer.

The models include an environmentally-friendly fuel monitor system and eco-mode system, which reduces fuel consumption through restricting the hydraulic pump displacement while the engine idles. This is already available for Japanese customers.

The AML monitoring system provides improved operation and visibility and the AML, automatic moment limiter, displaces the emergency release function. It also controls the asymmetric outriggers extension to provide maximum performance for each width - the first in the market for this system, said the manufacturer.

T Murakami, general manager at Tadano marketing says its new models will be suited to energy-related applications, among others, in North America, Middle East and Russia and mining in South America, Australia, South Africa and Russia. "Furthermore for Russia in particular, our product development is underway to enable machines provided with cost-resistant structure and equipment to operate at -40 degrees centigrade," Murakami added.

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