New Scheuerle trailer

By Alex Dahm21 February 2012

The Super Flex trailer from Scheuerle and Nicolas allows an easier approval procedure for driving ov

The Super Flex trailer from Scheuerle and Nicolas allows an easier approval procedure for driving over bridges die to its load distribution systems

Scheuerle and Nicolas, part of the TTI group, will present the low-bed Super Flex semi-trailer with hydraulically movable axles. Further single-telescopic and double-telescopic versions are also available.

In the single-telescopic version vehicles can move their two front axle lines when telescoped between the gooseneck and rear suspension in 500 mm increments. For vehicles with the double-telescoping function, the axles can be moved towards the gooseneck, as well as to the rear. This makes it possible to adapt the vehicle to suit the position of the payload's centre of gravity.

The axle load capability of the Superflex varies depending on the type of tyre used. With 245/70-R17.5 tyres, the technical axle load is 12 tonnes which increases to 14 tonnes on 285/70-R19.5 tyres. The power supply for the vehicle hydraulics is supplied via the tractor hydraulics or using an external PPU (power pack unit). As an option, an electric PPU can also be integrated in the gooseneck.

The trailer's pendulum axles have axle compensation (suspension travel) of about 650 mm, with 245/70-R17.5 tyres. This protects frame and vehicle when operating on rough terrain. In addition, the steering angle of 60 degrees is to gives maximum manoeuvrability. A 1.5 metre axle line spacing is also possible.

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