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By Helen Wright04 November 2011

Skanska used Grindex the 15000 m2 rejuvenation site in the western part of downtown Stockholm, Swede

Skanska used Grindex the 15000 m2 rejuvenation site in the western part of downtown Stockholm, Sweden de-watered.

There has been a flood of activity in the site dewatering and slurry pumps sectors both in terms of new products and the structure of the industry, which should have a positive impact for contractors.
One development has been the establishment of a new company - Xylem, which was launched as a spin-off of the water-related businesses of ITT Corporation.

Xylem comprises Godwin surface-mounted and Flygt submersible pumps for sale and rent, and it has also launched a new range of compact, multipurpose Flygt pumps called the Ready range, which is offered as part of its on-site service.

Marketing manager for Xylem's rental and dewatering services Stefan Swartling said the company had identified a growing need for turn-key solutions.

"We are noticing an increased demand within the construction industry for dewatering services to be supplied as a complete package including the pump and water treatment systems, engineering expertise and project management.

"The beauty of the service means that customers don't have to invest in auxiliary equipment purchases which are needed for just as long as the project requires. The capital expenditure required to purchase, maintain, service and store the equipment isn't an issue when customers choose the on site dewatering package," said Mr Swartling.

The Ready range is designed for use in small- and medium-sized applications, removing water, abrasive and corrosive liquids, contaminated water and water containing sand and gravel.
Ready pumps handle flows up to 7 l per second, heads to 14 m, and solids up to 38 mm in diameter. Power ratings range from 0.5 kW to 0.82 kW.

Xylem's Ready pumps product manager Pete Hansen claimed the new range is unique in terms of serviceability.

"They feature a removable top that allows quick access for cable changes and component replacements. By servicing the replaceable components, instead of throwing the pump away and buying a new one, users can reduce environmental impact as well as lower total cost of ownership. In addition, the pumps are exceptionally durable, intended for a long life of repeated use," Mr Hansen explained.

Another change in the pumps sector came in July when Swedish manufacturer Sulzer acquired Cardo Flow Solutions, including the ABS, Scanpump and Pumpex brands.

And Pumpex has expanded its product portfolio with a new high head dewatering pump, the P3001 SH. Powered by a 9.4 kW motor, it delivers over 80 m of head but weighs just 67 kg. The P3001 SH was designed for tough applications on construction sites, mines and tunnelling projects where easy handling, safety and reliability are crucial.

Like the rest of the pumps in the Pumpex dewatering range - which covers the 0.48 kW to 56 kW motor sizes - a key feature in the new P3001 SH is its modular design, providing easy service and maintenance access.


Chicago Pneumatic's CP 0010 and CP 0020 pumps, meanwhile, were designed with durability firmly in mind.
Well-suited for removing water from trenches, ditches, manholes, industrial sumps and excavations, they are single-stage centrifugal units which use a rotating impeller to increase the pressure and flow rate of the fluid.

The CP 0010 and CP 0020 feature an oiler to provide continuous lubrication - a feature which the company says guarantees less downtime for maintenance. Other features include a heavy-duty air inlet valve, integral strainer, bronze impeller and cast-iron housing.

The CP 0010 is capable of a discharge rate of 255 gallons (852 l) per minute while the CP 0020 can flush up to 340 gallons (1287 l) per minute.

Meanwhile, for pumping seawater and corrosive chemicals in industrial and mining applications, Chicago Pneumatic has developed the CP 0077 sludge pump. This is a pneumatic pump that can handle water containing up to 15% solid material and particles up to 1 in (25 mm) in size, at a discharge rate of 90 gallons (341 l) per minute.

Since the pump operates on the venturi/ejector principle - harnessing available pressure energy in the fluid to drive the pump by compressing parts of the tube - the CP 0077 has no motor or diaphragm to wear out. In addition, the pump is equipped with exhaust mufflers, which reduce operating noise levels.

Placlite has also developed a submersible pump for draining water from trenches and building sites without an electrical power supply. The manufacturer offers two models - Premium and Force - both of which have a capacity to pump 72 m3 per hour.

Powered by either a Honda petrol or Hatz diesel engine, the pumps feature standard delivery with a discharge hose of 10 m.
Both pumps feature a two-dog coupling system which gives them the added versatility of being able to be used for concreting work as well as water removal.

The Force model is more rugged and heavy duty, and can cope with particles as large as 19 mm. The Premium version can cope with 12 mm aggregates.

Rugged designs are the name of the game in the dewatering and slurry pump sector, and durability was also a key issue for Subaru when it developed its latest range of trash water pumps.

Capable of moving high volumes without clogging, the centrifugal pumps all feature hardened, cast-iron volutes to withstand stones and other debris measuring up to 32 mm sucked through the strainer.

The 2 in (51 mm) PKX201T is powered by a Subaru EX17, a 6 hp (4.4 kW) overhead cam engine, and can deliver 185 gallons (700 l) per minute, while the 3 in (76 mm) PKX301T is powered by an EX27, 9 hp (6.6 kW) overhead cam engine, and offers a delivery volume of 314 gallons (1189 l) per minute.

The 4 in (102 mm) PTV405T, meanwhile, is powered by an 11 hp (8.1 kW) EH34D overhead valve engine, and offers a delivery volume of 528 gallons (1999 l) per minute.

Each pump also features an abrasion-resistant, cast-iron three-blade impeller and replaceable wear plate to prolong the life of the equipment and limit maintenance.

Placlite also focussed on reducing noise, and the waste pumps offer a low-tone muffler and a sound-suppressing air cleaner for quiet operation.

Meanwhile, Japanese manufacturer Tsurumi is meeting what it sees as the increased demand for powerful, reliable and robust pumping solutions in Europe with the introduction of four of its largest and most powerful pumps - three new LH series models and the GSZ pump.

Tsurumi's LH series are high-head, three-phase dewatering pumps capable of withstanding deep water pressure levels. The range comprises the90 kW LH890 and LH690, 110 kW and the LH8110.
The LH8110 is capable of transporting up to 6500 l/min and up to a head of 107 m, the LH690 can deliver up to 2500 l/min with a maximum head of 150 m, and the LH890 can pump up to 90 m with a maximum capacity of 6000 l/min.


These three new pumps are almost 1.8 m tall and each weighs over 1 tonne, but their slim design, at just 600 mm wide, gives customers narrow installation possibilities without compromising on power.

Following a two-year market trial, Tsurumi is also launching the GSZ pump across Europe. The three-phase submersible pump is designed for high-head, high capacity work in rugged conditions. It stands 1.8 m tall, is over 1 m wide and weighs some 1.2 tonnes.

The cast iron pump is capable of transporting up to 12500 l/min with a maximum head of 52 m and features a steel impeller and suction plate to maximise working life.

This highlights one of the many trends in the pump industry, with more and more thought being given to how machines will be used in real life, as well as the relentless focus on reliability and durability, and a more complete service for contractors.

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