New sports centre

24 April 2008

Main contractor hentschke bau has used Peri’s Rosett modular scaffold, SRU steel walers, UK 70 universal couplers, GT 24 lattice girders, and Rapid, Trio and Multiflex formwork systems, during construction of a new, indoor winter sports arena in Dresden, Germany.

The tight construction schedule for the 155 m long, 73 m wide complex, which covers 1800 m2 and will seat 4000, called for a lightweight formwork and scaffolding system that could be easily moved around the site. After each section of the stands had been concreted, the modular formwork and scaffolding units were moved using a Peri designed transportation trolley. Once on the trolley all the elements could easily be lifted to the next cycle by tower crane.

The self-supporting upper tier of the ice- ring’s grandstand consists of eight straight side sections and eight curved end sections. The underside of the grandstand’s curved areas resembles a truncated cone. During construction 12 to 16 m long concrete sections, supported only by the staircases’ shear walls, were constructed in just one pour.

Positioned behind the stands are 14 m high reinforced concrete columns, which will eventually carry the roof. These were constructed using Peri’s Rapid column formwork to handle the 120 kN/m2 of concrete pressure.

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