New standards in pump technology

By Chris Sleight09 November 2010

Thompson Pump has developed an oil-free priming system called OVT, which offers several advantages o

Thompson Pump has developed an oil-free priming system called OVT, which offers several advantages over traditional designs.

The pump sector is one where reliability is the key, and where strength, durability and flexibility continue to drive design. Keeping energy consumption low is of course also important, and making units easy to service and maintain is another area that demands attention from manufacturers.

Netherlands-based BBA has addressed a number of these issues, with its new BA-C series, which it unveiled earlier this year at Bauma. "In today's market there is a growing demand for pumps with high flow capabilities," said BBA managing director Roland Berns. "More and more a trend is developing towards pumps that are capable of handling flows in excess of 3000 m3/h, so at Bauma we presented our solution to the increased flow requirements by introducing the BA-C series, capable of handling flows of up to 10000 m3/h."

The vacuum assisted centrifugal pump unit is fully dry-priming and able to handle flows of up to 5600 m3/h and has a solids handling capacity of 127mm, making it suitable for a variety of applications, according to Mr Berns.

"The BA-C500 combines maximum performance with minimum power absorption, allowing smaller engines to be installed," he said. "This reduction of installed power can amount to up to 100kW in comparison to other suppliers and significantly lowers fuel consumption."

The BA-C500 is also equipped with a newly developed canopy that reduces sound levels to 67dB at 10 m and has been built to international container standards, enabling the pump to be deployed swiftly wherever it is needed. It also features four large doors, allowing easy access to all areas and facilitating easier servicing.

The new Flygt 2660 ST pump from ITT Water & Wastewater is designed for a broad range of applications within the construction and mining sectors. The first two stage Flygt pump of the 2600 series, the 2660 ST, which has 10kW rated power, is based on the design of the 2600 series.

It also includes a zero leakage 'Active Seal' which contributes to longer intervals between oil changes, and so offering longer maintenance periods altogether and so increasing its service life on construction, mining and quarrying sites and in other applications.

The pump also features what the Swedish company calls a unique hydraulic system, the Dura-Spin, with spiral grooves and small vanes transporting abrasive particles outwards. "This system effectively protects the impeller gap, not allowing any abrasive parts to come near it, and thereby ensures a constant high effectiveness compared to conventional hydraulics," said a spokesman. In addition, its patented Spin Out system includes a special design of the seal chamber, transporting solid particles via a spiral groove in order to protect both the seals and the bottom of the oil housing from wear and sediments, while its Plug-In seal offers double protection, with two integrated mechanic face seal units in an easy to exchange seal cartridge preventing fluids from leaking in and making maintenance more straightforward.

The manufacturer also showcased its new generation of diesel driven automatic self-priming pumps at Bauma, the first to make use of its patented N pump hydraulics, featuring a high-chrome impeller combined with new fuel saving motors and fuel reducing canopies. The 6" (152 mm) version, which is capable of pumping 92 litres per second and reach a maximum head of 49 metres, was on display at the Munich show, with 4'' (102 mm) and 8" (203 mm) versions planned for later this year and 10'' (254 mm) and 12" (304 mm) to follow in 2011.

Also from Sweden, ABS Group has introduced a new insulated lifting station into its domestic pump range. The Synconta 700 replaces the current Synconta 601, and is a new concept that has been especially designed for the cabin and holiday home market in Scandinavia, with reliability, flexibility and low maintenance its key areas of focus.

The plug and play concept results in easy installation and the automatic pump and level control is run by a pressure sensor system and the ABS control panels CP112 and CP114 are matched specifically for the application and the unit is equipped with a 1 to 3 converter.

Godwin Pumps is addressing the issue of large dewatering applications with the launch of its CD500M Dri-Prime pump, the newest CD series addition. The 600 x 400 centrifugal pump is capable of flow rates to 3066 m3/h, heads to 61m and solids handling to 104mm in diameter.

"This new pump excels in large dewatering applications for the mining and civil construction industries," said John M. Paz, former president of Godwin. "With the addition of the CD500M we've increased the range of portable pumps to contractors and miners who need to move large volumes of solids-laden water at elevated heads. This pump can also handle very large sewer bypasses for our municipal customers."

The manufacturer also used the Bauma exhibition to unveil the latest addition to its HL Series, the HL260M Dri-Prime pump. The 250mm x 200mm single-stage automatic priming centrifugal pump is capable of flow rates to 910m3/h, heads to 183m and solids handling to 60mm.

"The industry is trending towards larger pumps and our engineering team is dedicated to developing the most reliable range of high lift pumps on the market," said Mr Paz. "The single-stage impeller design, close coupling and solids handling capability partnered with the Dri-Prime system is a unique offering for portable pumps generating discharge heads to 183m."

Built with a cast iron pump, cast chromium steel impeller and nickel chrome cast iron wear plates, the HL260M is engineered for tough pumping applications, said John Miller, managing director of Godwin Pumps UK.

"Suitable for a wide variety of applications requiring medium flows and high head, the HL260M eliminates the need for quarry and mine superintendents to build intermediate water storage ponds and stage pumps at different elevations to dewater their pits," he said. "With the HL260M you can dewater the pit floor by pumping straight out of the quarry with less pumps and pipes."

The Dri-Prime venturi priming system on the HL260M provides suction lift capability to 8.5m and continuous uninterrupted operation even in intermittent dry suction conditions and its dry running double high-pressure oil bath mechanical seal with abrasion resistant solid silicone carbide faces means the pump can run indefinitely without risk of overheating or failure. It also comes with a number of engine options including the standard 600 hp (447 kW) Caterpillar C-18 Stage IIIA diesel engine. For applications requiring low emissions it is available with an electric motor configuration and noise reducing sound attenuated canopies are also available.

Since Bauma, Thompson Pump has made three major launches in the shape of the its new oil-less vacuum technology (OVT) priming system, alongside the new Compact pump model and its Silent Knight variant.

Thompson Pump says the OVT system is faster and more efficient at priming pumps than traditional systems. The use of non-contacting rotors meanwhile eliminates internal wear, which increases longevity and reliability, and keeps performance steady overtime.

As the name suggests, the system does not need oil, and this eliminates the risk of smoke or pollution associated with traditional priming systems. This also helps extend the service interval from a typical 5000 hours for a traditional pump to 20000 hours for the OVT system.

In terms of pumps, Thompson's latest launches include the Compact, which is 35% smaller and 20% lighter than the company's JSC Series, but which still retains a 24-hour run time fuel tank. It is available in the most common diesel-drive portable pump sizes of 4" (102 mm) and 6" (152 mm).

The pump is also available fitted with the company's Silent Knight canopy, which it says cuts noise levels by -3 db(A) to -6 dB(A) compared to standard sound attenuated canopies.

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