New study reveals how construction technology is revolutionizing the industry

Workers in construction using technology An AEM study highlights how construction equipment technologies have advanced the industry

A new study has highlighted how construction equipment technologies have advanced the construction industry, specifically through advancements in machine and grade control, engines and drivetrains, digital control systems and machine telematics.

The study has been conducted by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) to highlight how technology has significantly enhanced productivity, reduced downtime, increased safety, and improved overall project outcomes for the construction sector, and to encourage more in the industry to adopt new technology.

“Today’s equipment offers incredible technologies for operators, and it’s critically important for industry stakeholders to learn how to leverage them effectively and maximize their potential,” said AEM Vice President of Construction and Utility John Somers.

“In releasing this study, we are not only showcasing how today’s construction equipment continues to advance our industry, but also highlighting the benefits of contractors and equipment owners adopting leading technology as part of their business practices.”

The study, Benefits of Construction Equipment Technologies and Their Impact on Society, provides an overview of the construction industry as it stands today, highlights of recent improvements seen in the industry, provides an outline of four key construction equipment technologies benefiting industry stakeholders and society and case studies illustrating the impact of these technologies

“Technology has revolutionized the construction equipment industry, enabling us to design and manufacture machines that are smarter, safer, and more sustainable than ever before,” said John Deere Vice President, Production Systems, Sales & Marketing Jason Daly.

“By embracing these technologies, the construction industry will continue to evolve and revolutionize how we design, build and maintain the world around us.”

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