New Tadano AT for J & M Crane

14 December 2020

Gravesend, UK-based J & M Crane and Transport crane and transport service provider has expanded its fleet with the addition of a Tadano ATF-100-4.1 all terrain crane.

Tadano ATF-100-4.1 J&M Crane and Transport Ltd (1)

The Tadano ATF-100-4.1 has a 60 metre boom

The four-axle crane comes with a 60 metre boom with 31.4 m extension, 30.4 tonnes of counterweight and a UK travel configuration of 18.3 tonnes. It has the latest EU Stage V engine and an asymmetrical outrigger base fitted as standard. The AML crane control monitors the maximum lifting capacity depending on the length of each individual outrigger and on the swing angle. If the crane swinging with a load reaches a lifting capacity limit, the crane control automatically adjusts the maximum load moment accordingly. This is used separately for each sector around the four outriggers, explains Tadano.

James Lawrence, owner of J & M Crane and Transport, commented, “When we saw the current Tadano ATF-100-4.1 for the first time at Bauma in Munich in 2019 the new features shown including the increased boom length and increased counterweight were impressive, and suited our future requirements.”

Tadano ATF-100-4.1 J&M Crane and Transport Ltd (2)

An EU Stage V engine and asymmetrical outrigger base come as standard on the ATF-100-4.1

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