New telehandlers, scissors from JLG

By Lindsey Anderson11 February 2020

JLG’s new, ultra-compact telehandler in partnership with AUSA.

JLG used The ARA Show to showcase a range of new products spanning the company’s entire line. The company debuted four new electric drive scissor lifts, a new low-level access product, 3k and 12k telehandlers, a 19-foot indoor-only scissor lift, 400 series hi-capacity boom lift and more.


JLG’s new ES1330L is a lightweight, 1,984-pound, electric drive scissor. It features a 30” width combined with a 13’ platform height.

Both the ES1932i and ES1530L, while not on display at the show, also join the JLG compact, electric drive scissor line.

All new ES series scissors have only 6 hoses, a significant reduction over hydraulic drive machines, which reduces the chance for leaks and minimizes service calls. Customers will benefit from the commonality between the R and ES-series line for simplified servicing and parts stocking.

“These four new ES models expand the JLG electric scissor offering on the compact end of the spectrum, where we are seeing an increased demand for smaller, lightweight models,” said Rafael Nunez, senior product manager, scissors and vertical lifts, JLG. “All models are ANSI 92.20 compliant, featuring JLG’s most recent safety features.”

The ES1932 is JLG Mobile Control-ready. The Mobile Control app allows users to drive the scissor while in stowed position using their mobile device from up to 40 feet away. A new battery monitoring system within the app will be offered in the coming months.

“We’ve enhanced the performance of these new scissor lifts to offer greater value and maneuverability to our customers,” said Shashank Bhatia, senior director, global product development, JLG.

All new models feature variable tilt functionality which enables a larger work envelope when operating on slight slopes and their electric drive system provides up to double the battery life, increased travel speeds and faster cycle times, when compared to their hydraulic drive counterparts.

The company also launched its R1932i indoor-only scissor lift.

The 19-foot lift weighs 2,549 pounds with a maximum capacity of 500 pounds.

The new ANSI 92.20 compliant R1932i is 32 inches wide and has a platform height of 19 feet. It is rated for indoor-only use.

“As we worked through the new ANSI 92.20 requirements, we developed a unique solution that resulted in the company’s first indoor-only scissor lift, a product that offers up to a 25’ work height,” said Rafael Nunez, senior product manager, scissor and vertical lifts, JLG. “We are delivering a product that meets our customers’ needs with the 1932i. This new scissor works at the same height as traditional 19’ models without the excess weight or capacity restrictions required on indoor/outdoor units.”

This new R-1932i model includes a fold-down rail system or optional QuickFold rails for use when working or moving the lift in and through tight spaces.

“True to JLG, productivity and safety remain at the forefront on this new indoor model,” said Shashank Bhatia, senior director, global product development. “Standard features include variable tilt, a pressure-based load sensing system and controlled elevation/travel descent. These features allow operators to work with greater confidence.”

The most apparent changes customers will notice is the series name and category lettering - R, ES or RT – moved to the front of the model number, a suffix added behind the numbers for specialty models such as i for indoor only or l for lightweight, a modern, more visible font for easy identification of machine type from a distance, new door decaling and caution tape added to the bottom of the platform - similar to that found on JLG scissor lifts in Europe. These visual indicators serve as differentiators in most cases between pre-ANSI 92.20 and ANSI 92.20 compliant models.

JLG will continue to offer its dual line of electric and hydraulic drive scissors lifts. For electric drive models, the ES before the model number will be electric blue, indicating an electrified feature. The R before the model number on the hydraulic drive units will remain black, as will the RT in front of rough terrain models.

“The new ANSI standards served as inspiration to simplify the model numbers across our two popular scissor lines,” said Nunez. “We took the opportunity in conjunction with meeting the new standards to align our model numbers to make it easier for our customers and their customers to understand the characteristics of each model. The first two numbers for each model refer to platform height, the second two to platform width.”


JLG also showed its new 400 Series hi-capacity models including the 40-foot JLG 400S and the 46-foot JLG 460SJ. Each comes standard with a 660 lb. unrestricted capacity zone and 750- and 1,000-lb. restricted capacity zones.

“The continued drive for greater productivity by our customers keeps us looking for new and innovative equipment solutions,” said Bill Dovey, JLG senior product manager, booms. “Our new hi-capacity line not only delivers on the productivity front but is also rated for up to three personnel in the platform for all capacity zones.”

The new hi-capacity models are ANSI 92.20 compliant and heavier in weight than their standard model counterparts, though they retain the same footprint for ease of transport and use in comparable work environments.

“With the ANSI 92.20 standards set to publish in the near future, we anticipate higher capacity booms to become increasingly popular,” said Dovey. “To comply with the new standards, all boom lifts must have a load sensing system (LSS). This system limits operation of a machine when the platform is overloaded, automatically keeping operation within the allowable work envelope. We believe this will drive the industry towards these higher capacity models to maximize productivity.”

JLG’s new hi-capacity boom lifts, similar to the company’s new ANSI 92.20 standard boom lifts, do not require placing a load in the platform to recalibrate the load sensing system. Owners and operators of these new 400 Series models will appreciate its new LED display for improved visibility of the platform and ground consoles during operation. These new displays are sensitive to ambient light and adjust their brightness accordingly for maximum visibility and operator comfort.


JLG showed its new SkyTrak 12054 telehandler. The 12,000 lb. class telehandler, now the largest model in the SkyTrak line, comes with a single joystick for greater multifunction capability and an integrated hitch and boom-mounted lifting lug for improved productivity. Its tight turning radius offers excellent maneuverability, making it well-suited across a variety of applications.

The company’s new SkyTrak 3013 ultra-compact telehandler was purpose-built for use in small spaces requiring up-and-over reach such as light construction, agriculture, landscape and hardscape work. This 3,000 lb. class telehandler is well-suited for loading and unloading pallets from flatbed trucks, as well as lifting and placing materials at heights up to 13’. The 3013 telehandler weighs 5,300 pounds with a load capacity of 2,700 pounds. It’s compact 4’6” x 8’9” footprint and rear pivot steer make it highly maneuverable, while its light weight allows for transport by a standard pickup truck equipped with a tow-behind trailer.

“The expansion of the SkyTrak line into the 12,000- and 3,000-pound classes represents the ongoing commitment JLG has made to providing its customers with a wide-range of telescopic handler solutions that can help them complete anything from smaller scale construction projects to larger industrial sized jobs,” said John Boehme, senior product manager, telehandlers, JLG. “With less open space, we are seeing buildings get narrower and taller, driving a stronger need for telehandlers in these two size classes.”

In addition to its compact footprint, the 3013 comes standard with a universal quick coupler, allowing the operator to change attachments and implements right form the cab of the machine and share attachments purchased for use on other equipment in a contractors’ fleet such as skid steer loaders. Additionally, the new model features four-wheel drive, two-wheel rear steer and a hydrostatic drive system, all supported by a Kubota V-1505 diesel, 24.8 horsepower engine.

“Both new SkyTrak models retain the features customers have come to expect from SkyTrak,” said Boehme. “A simple design, durable components and ease of service.”

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