New Teupen spider for multiple markets

Teupen has expanded its unique stabilization system with the introduction of a new model at Intermat, which is also aimed at the US market. 

The product introduction follows the announcement earlier this month that the Germany-based manuacturer had been acquired by Altec in the US. The company said there are no updates as to how Teupen will integrate with its new owner. 

Teupen Leo 27GT Plus Teupen Leo 27GT Plus.

The Leo 27GT Plus has a new narrow design of 89cm width in transport position, meaning that it can fit through standard entrances in North America.

Along with the usual set-up positions (wide/wide, wide/narrow, narrow/narrow), the machine has an additional position - front narrow/rear wide or vice versa. The new position enables the machine to set up between the rows of seats and to work in confined areas, such as churches or lecture halls at universities.

This is complemented by a maximum working height of 27m and capacity of 250kg, with horizontal outreach of 14.30m at 100kg platform capacity. The jib is movable up to 165 degrees, while the platform can reach 5m below ground.

Currently, the model is available with diesel and electric power through a 230-volt electric hook up. A lithium battery option will be coming soon.

Teupen also said it is working on a 24m version which will be transportable on a 3.5 tonne trailer in Europe and include the same stabilisation system.

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