New tower crane from Raimondi

By Christian Shelton10 November 2017

The MRT234 boasts the optimal match of mechanical, structural and electronic control design allowing for increased productivity and safety

Raimondi’s new MRT234 flat top has a maximum capacity of 12,000 kg on four falls of rope

Italian crane manufacturer Raimondi Cranes has released more information about its latest tower crane, the MRT234 flat top.

Raimondi said that following an extensive testing period it started shipping the crane in September 2017 to fulfil agent orders prior to launch. The crane is now available for wider purchase.

The MRT234 has a maximum jib length of 70 m and a maximum capacity of 12,000 kg, on four falls of rope. In Ultralift mode, the MRT234 can lift 2250 kg at the maximum radius. Eight different jib length configurations, from 70 to 28 m, are available to meet a range of jobsite requirements. The crane can be equipped with two different hoisting winches: a standard 45 kW version; or a more powerful 55 kW model.

According to Raimondi, it has used the latest technology available to enhance the operator’s ‘user experience’. It said operators will notice a significant improvement in performance and control when using the new crane compared to previous models. The speed of the slewing and trolley movements have been improved by approximately 30 percent, while the crane’s smoothness of motion and heightening accuracy have also been enhanced, it claimed.

“We are thrilled to launch the MRT234 after months of preparation. Raimondi’s R&D team worked with various suppliers for four months to build the prototype. The final stage of testing took three months including preassembly of the crane, evaluating many different types of configurations and all of the model’s structural tests. This testing phase, part of Raimondi’s internal technical quality control procedures, allowed for various performance measurement assessments, and allowed the engineering segment to observe these metrics at work thereby ensuring the best possible results for end-users,” concluded Domenico Ciano, technical director, Raimondi Cranes.

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